Revival of Stalingrad

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1 box Exterior view of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant (STZ). Tank repair. The first repaired tank. Assembling the first tractor. STZ club. 2 box Internal view of the destroyed workshops of STZ. Restoration work. Start of work in the workshop. The first tractor leaves the workshop. 3 box Destruction in Stalingrad. Temporary pier. Sample exhibition min. Demining the ruins of the city. 4 box Repair of the railway tracks in Stalingrad. Temporary railway ticket office. Publishka buys tickets. Repair of wagons on the tracks. Railway station in the city of Saratov. NDP on wagons: "SARATOV STALINGRADU". 5а cor. Stalingraders are clearing the streets. Captured Germans dismantle destroyed houses, collect scrap metal. People with their belongings return to the city. 5b box Family members among the ruins of their home. Trade in the stall. Poster WITH PDP: "STADIUM" DYNAMO "MAY 2 FOOTBALL" SPARTAK "MOSCOW -" DYNAMO "STALINGRAD". The people go to the stadium. The audience in the stands. Moments of the game of football. Dance floor. The youth is dancing. A jazz orchestra is performing. 6 box Restoration of residential buildings, bridges. Installation of radio reproducers on the streets. The life of the Stalingrad people on the ruins. 7 cor. May Day demonstration. Demonstrators with placards are passing by. Soda water saleswoman. 8 cor. Temporary circus. The audience at the entrance. Internal view of the circus. There is a show. Concert on the surviving stage. An orchestra plays, singers perform. 9 box The beginning of classes in the lower grades. NDP: "STALINGRAD STATE MEDICAL INSTITUTE". The audience. The professor is giving a lecture. 10 box The ruins of Stalingrad (removed from the plane). Clearing the city. The tents in which the builders live. 11 cor. Stalingrad telephone operators at work. Issue of the newspaper "Stalingradskaya Pravda". Typography work. Sale of newspapers. The population is returning to the city. Mine clearance.
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the great patriotic war
, holidays
, school education
, defense industry
, food industry
, railway transport
, higher education
, everyday life
, printing
, tractor machine building
, communication
, cities
, germany
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