Rowing Olympics-80

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A film about rowing competitions at the XXII Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Part 1 July 19, 1980, Moscow. The Big Sports Arena of the Central Stadium named after V.I. Lenin at the Luzhniki Stadium, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. In the arena, boys and girls with flowers, a chariot drawn by four white horses. Basketball player Sergei Belov lights the torch with the Olympic flame. On the screen of an artistic background made of colored shields, the Olympic Bear, the symbol of the 1980 Olympics, on the sides of the NDP: "I WISH YOU SUCCESS". The rowing channel in Krylatskoye. Boats are brought on a special trailer, they are prepared for the competition. Athletes train before the races. Two trainers on bicycles ride along the canal, watching the workout. July 20, 1980 - the first day of the rowing competition. The stands are filled with spectators. TV operators are filming the competition. After the start of the men's eights, the Cuban team interrupted the race due to a breakdown. The race continues after troubleshooting. The press center works. President of the International Rowing Association Thomas Keller talks about rowing as a difficult but fair sport (synchronously translated from English). Thomas Keller in the "Quartet" sails in a boat along the canal. The USSR team - Elena Khloptseva and Larisa Popova - wins in the final race of the women's doubles, the 2nd place - Cornelia Linze and Heidi Westphal (GDR). 2 part 20 - 27 July 1980, Moscow, rowing canal in Krylatskoye. There are races in rowing among women in various categories. Sanda Toma (Romania) wins in singles, 2nd place - Antonina Makhina (USSR). In the category of "fours" doubles with a helmsman, the team from the GDR took 1st place. The team from the GDR wins in the category "eight" swing with helmsman. July 27, 1980 - the last day of the competition. Pertti Karppinen (Finland) took the 1st place among male singles. Former President of the International Olympic Committee Lord Michael Morris Killanin presents P. Karppinen with a gold medal, Vasily Yakusha (USSR) - a silver medal, Peter Kersten (GDR) - a bronze medal. The President of Finland Urho Kekkonen, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin and other officials are sitting on the podium. The anthem of Finland sounds, the stands rise. In the category of "four" swing swing without helmsman 1st place was taken by the GDR team, 2nd - by the USSR team, 3rd - by Great Britain. Race of doubles "fours", the winner - the team of the GDR. The GDR team wins in the category "eight swinging with a helmsman". The new President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, awards gold medals to the GDR team, silver medals to the British team, and bronze medals to the USSR team. After the end of the races, boats are taken away in special vehicles. Athletes and guests of the Olympiad take pictures, exchange badges.
I. Zhukovskaya
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G. Epifanov, O. Voinov, G. Shatrov, F. Bochkov
Other Creators
Scriptwriter I. Prok, sound engineer I. Smirnov, editor G. Dolgopyatov, announcer Y. Kolychev, consultants E. Zalesskaya, E. Kabanov, composer G. Savelyev
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