Russia - the Path to Truth

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Canada. 6th Congress of Orthodox Youth. Delegates to meetings on the sidelines of the congress. Speakers: V. Soloukhin, Father Vitaly and others. Emigrants from the USSR, a former military pilot K. Nesterov feeds birds and squirrels on the territory of his house, talks about his life (synchronously). Orthodox Church in the city of Rovdon. K. Nesterov talks about the history of the construction of the church, about the icons (synchronously). Delegates to the congress of Orthodox youth take a walk on the ship. Germany. Dachau concentration camp. Excursion. A former prisoner of Dachau, an emigrant from the USSR, GA Rahr gives interviews (synchronously). An employee of Radio Liberty. Views of the city of Munich. Orthodox Church. Flower shop. Cyclists. The movement of cars. The Rahr family at home. Job-Pochaev Monastery. Father Maxim is preparing dinner, giving interviews (synchronously). Candle making. Monks work in the printing house. Russian cemetery. The funeral. Memorial service. Russian emigrant OA Krasovsky, editor of the almanac "Veche", gives interviews (synchronously). Moscow city. Tent camp near the hotel "Russia". Life of the inhabitants of the town. The queue at the building of the Embassy of the Netherlands. Meeting of Russian refugees in Luzhniki. Conversation EA Vagin, V. Krupin, A. Kiselev (synchronously). Exhibition of I. Glazunov. I. Glazunov gives interviews (synchronously). Patriarch Alexy II at the opening of the monument to Grand Duchess Elizabeth in Zamoskvorechye near the Church of All Who Sorrow, says a speech (synchronously), consecrates the monument. V. Klykov is present. Sakhalin Region. Landscapes. Ocean during a storm. Fishing boats at sea. Salmon spawning. Fishing farm. Fisheries. Berth, unloading of fishing vessels. Chairman of the Regional Council of the Sakhalin Region V. Fedorov gives interviews (synchronously). Kursk region. Root desert. The territory of the monastery. Destruction. Restoration work. Procession. Landscapes of Russia.
A. Kiselev
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social and political movement
, emigration
, the second world war
, nature
, fishing
, automobile transport
, funeral
, trade
, sea transport
, christianity
, citizenship
, printing industry
, nationality
, cities
, sculpture
, painting
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A. Brother
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