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The film tells about the current state of the Soviet vocational education system and about the problems that engineering and teaching teams are solving. Honored Master of Vocational Education of the RSFSR Y.D. Gorodkov talks about the history of vocational education in the USSR (synchronously). Documents, photographs, posters, newsreels illustrating the story of Yu. D. Gorodkov. Among the documentary chronicles: students of the School of Construction Apprenticeship at the 2nd Construction Trust "Zavodstroy" work as bricklayers at a construction site (1920s), students of the school of combine operators work on tractors in the field (1920s), students schools - builders of Magnitogorsk (early 1930s), children at the recruiting center receive vouchers for training in vocational schools (1940s), school students work in industrial enterprises. Veterans of vocational training, industrial training masters discuss the problems of industrial schools during a round table (synchronously). Vocational education pavilion at VDNKh. The guys in the pavilion examine various exhibits and models. Pupils on a lesson in a chemistry class. Language lab. Students on a lesson in a computer class. Students work in the workshops of the schools. The directors of vocational schools AM Darkman and VS Malakhov talk about the professional training of students (synchronously). Vocational school graduates work in the shop of the Izhora plant. Vocational school students in the classroom in the gym and in the pool. The school canteen and furniture workshop. Students plant fruit trees in the garden. The film was shot by order of the All-Union Scientific and Methodological Center for Vocational Education.
E. Solovyova
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, mechanical engineering
, professional education
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G. Samsygin
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