Sakhalin Island

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Sailing schooner "Horizon" and a motor ship in the Tatar Strait. Unloading cars in the port of the city of Korsakov in the Aniva Bay. The city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk; the central street, the building of the branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Local Lore, the Main Post Office, shops, a hotel, a cinema, an airfield. Summer camp of the reindeer-breeding collective farm "Val". A herd of deer, shepherd A. Vladimirov; collective farm chairman IM Plotnikov. The farm of the Kalinin collective farm in the Aniva region, organized by immigrants from the Kursk region. Livestock farms, poultry farm, apiary; harvesting potatoes, tomatoes; picking apples. The exploration party is conducting research on coal. Open pit mining of coal in the area of the village of Vakhrushev. The excavator loads coal onto the machine. The city of Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky; a pedagogical school, a city theater, the house in which the writer A.P. Chekhov lived in 1860-1904 during his stay on the island of Sakhalin. Fire in the Sakhalin taiga. An airborne squadron jumps out of the plane to extinguish the fire. Forest trackers, airborne troops and local residents put out the fire. Meeting of workers of the timber industry. Harvesting, timber rafting; the boat drags the rafts to the timber and paper mill. Paper production at a paper mill at the mouth of the Poronai River. The tree nursery of the Troitsky forestry. Snowstorm on the island. Snowplows are clearing railway tracks, and residents are digging out snow-covered apartment buildings. Ekhabi-Vostochny oil field. Oil rigs, oil pumps, drilling machines. Construction of a village for oil workers. A cargo is dropped from the plane for the crew of the Pozharsky motorboat stuck in the ice. Sailors blast the ice, freeing the waterway for the passage of the ship. Fishing vessels at sea for fishing. Delivery of fish to the fish factory. Production processes in the workshop of the cannery. The fishermen of the crab-breeding ship raise the net with the crabs. Processing of crabs in the workshop of the ship-crab factory. Bird market, seal rookery on Tyuleniy Island. View of Sakhalin Island from the plane.
E. Ryazanov, V. Katanyan
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mining industry
, nature
, fishing
, collective farms
, woodworking industry
, food industry
, sea transport
, timber industry
, natural disasters
, oil industry
, postal communication
, forestry
, animal world
, agriculture
, railway transport
, trade
, utilities
Number of Parts
L. Pankin, A. Kochetkov, N. Shmakov, I. Gutman, G. Serov
Other Creators
Sound I. Gunger. Music by R. Bunin, S. Razoryonov. Screenplay I. Osipov, M. Troyanovsky
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