Salekhard Is 375 Years Old

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View of the city and the Ob River (filmed from a passing boat). View of the pier on the Ob river. Panorama of the monument. The inscription on the monument "To the fallen fighters for the establishment of Soviet power in the city of Salekhard". Monument on a city street. Facade of an administrative building. Honor board on the street with photographs of production leaders. Ships are sailing along the river. Fishermen are pulling their nets into the boat. Fishermen put the fish in boxes. Close-up of a large fish. General view of the fur farm. Animals in cages. The zootechnician feeds the animals; pours water from a hose into their bowls; the animals drink water; Panorama through the cells. Trucks are driving along the road. Scientists are conducting soil research in the laboratory. A panorama of the bags with samples. Meeting of representatives of the city administration. Admission exams at one of the educational institutions. Panorama of the members of the selection committee. The teacher is teaching at a medical school. The interiors of the local history museum. Close-up - the attributes of the shaman. Panorama of pictures on historical themes. An exposition dedicated to the establishment of Soviet power in the city. Panorama of stuffed animals. Exhibition of minerals.
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animal husbandry
, fishing
, automobile transport
, local authorities
, river transport
, museums
, landscapes
, professional education
, cities
, sculpture
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