Samara Chronicle Number 20

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July 1996 Residents of Samara are resting on the city beach on the eve of the second round of the presidential elections in the Russian Federation. B / W newsreel footage, filmed in July 1991: BN Yeltsin's stay in Samara. The rally in the city square. B. Yeltsin asks the people who surrounded him to make way, approaches the microphone. The people are chanting: "Yeltsin, Yeltsin, Yeltsin ...". B. Yeltsin descends the steps to the people. An elderly woman who approached him speaks (off-screen); May God give you success. Save the unfortunate Russia ”. Yeltsin (sync. And off-screen.) Tells her "Do not worry." The woman moves away from him. A girl approaches B. Yeltsin, thanks him, then leaves. Boris Yeltsin speaks to the people at a rally (sinhr.). People gathered in the square applauded. NDP, on the people gathered in the square, who are holding posters with a portrait of Boris Yeltsin, banners “Russians! All as one for Boris Yeltsin! Russia is in danger! "," Yeltsin for the presidency of sovereign Russia "," Yeltsin - the presidency, Ryzhkov - health. " B. Yeltsin speaks (off-screen) about the future of Russia. The woman is baptized at the rally. Boris Yeltsin passes through the crowd of people in the square. The police are holding back the crowd. B. Yeltsin gets into the car. The plot of the film almanac uses photographs of Boris Yeltsin during his first presidential term. Samara, July 1996 Meeting in Samara on the occasion of the arrival of Boris N. Yeltsin. Opening of the monument "Children to the Front" in the presence of the mayor of the city Oleg Sysuev, the governor of the Samara region K. Titov.
B. Svoysky
Film ID
, social and political movement
, government
, electoral system
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
V. Shubin, B. Kozhin, S. Volkova, A. Wagner
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