Science and Technology № 10

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Plot 1. YOUNG IDEAS OF YOUNG. NDP for models of children's, women's and men's shoes. Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry, students and teachers at the automated design system (CAD) created at the institute. The system in action, projects of shoe models on the display screen. The institute teacher records the program on a cassette. Moscow factory "Zarya", cutting shop, an automatic cutting system is working. Assembly workshop. Plot 2. THE RIDDLE OF THE SAVING REFLEX. Summer, passers-by on one of the streets of Moscow. A gymnast performs an exercise with a ball. Kittens on the branches of a tree. Seagull flies in the sky. Frog in the water. The beetle buries itself in the sand. A herd of horses in the paddock. Cancer in the water. Institute of Evolutionary Physiology named after I.M. Sechenov, employees in the laboratory study brain cells through a microscope. Motor neuron (image taken through a microscope). The physiologist draws a diagram of the connection of neurons. The researcher is put into a living cell with an electrode. Physiologists are studying ways of transmitting signals between neurons. An electron microscope capable of recording signal transmission. Microscope images of stained motoneurons. The head of the laboratory of the institute N.P. Veselkin talks with colleagues. Plot 3. DESIGNERS OF MOLECULES. Summer, Moscow, traffic on one of the streets. Sunflower field, - one of the flowers. Bottles with sunflower oil on the conveyor belt of one of the factories. Institute of Electroorganic Compounds named after Nesmeyanov of the USSR Academy of Sciences, experiments with carboxylic acid in one of the laboratories. New auto enamel in a cylinder, created on the basis of the Institute's developments. Checking the quality of new car enamel. Workshop for the production of car enamel. NDP based on samples of different colors of car enamel in the laboratory. Plot 4. "REMEMBER AND FACES LONG FORGOTTEN ..." Exhibition on the history of photography, Poland on exhibits. Daguerreotypes with a damaged image. Researcher of the State Historical Museum N.M. Garbar in the restoration laboratory using new methods of dry cleaning returns the image to daguerreotypes. Daguerreotypes after restoration (portraits of A.I. Herzen, his wife, Pauline Viardot, young A.I. Turgenev).
V. Mann, G. Chubakova
Film ID
artistic photography
, history
, road transport
, food industry
, applied mathematics
, livestock
, leather and footwear industry
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, professional education
, cities
, human physiology
, plant growing
, graphics
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
, painting
Number of Parts
L. Kaplunov, K. Kasumov, E. Olshanskaya
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