Science and Technology № 11

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1 plot of "Our kind of tunes" G. Moscow. Art exhibition "Slavic World" at VDNKh. Icons, sculptures, paintings by contemporary artists on religious themes. Visitors at the showcases with exhibits - handicrafts. Zlatoshweika Tatiana Markova at her works. Alexander Kolesnikov is engaged in patterned weaving on a loom. Embroidered Russian national dresses in the window. The craftswoman is engaged in beading. Products from birch bark. Visitors at the model of the ancient Russian city. 2 plot "Honeycomb for flight?" Sotoplast material in the hands of a scientist. Material strength test. Sotoplast production at one of the factories. Sotoplast samples. The steward closes the lids of the cabinets above the passenger seats in the aircraft cabin. The plane flies over the ground. 3 plot "Thanks to Dr. Kungurtsev!" G. Moscow, passers-by on the streets of the city, the booth "Soyuzpechat". City Hospital No. 83, Professor Vadim Vladimirovich Kungurtsev with an assistant preparing for the operation. Instruments operating with the help of ultrasound (designed at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University) are laid out on the table. Operation on the artery, the surgeon introduces an instrument that is introduced into the blockage and scrapes "atheromatous masses" from the walls of the vessel, removes them from the lumen of the artery. 4 plot "The game of nature is tarovata" A frog sits on a water lily leaf. Frog in the grass. The frog swims underwater. Frog roe in water. Frog larvae. The skull of the labyrinthodont is the ancestor of the modern frog. The scientist takes measurements of the labyrinthodont's skull. A painting depicting the ancestors of the frog. Sculptures depicting ancient reptiles. Imprint of the skeleton of the ancestor of the frog on the stone.
V. Shkarina, G. Chubakova, I. Tikhomirov, V. Vyrubov
Film ID
, retail goods turnover
, art folk craft
, hospitals
, aircraft
, production of plastic products from
, cities
, sculpture
, painting
, vdnh
Number of Parts
E. Olshevskaya, G. Chubakova, I. Tikhomirov, V. Vyrubov
Other Creators
Text writer I. Sumarokova, editor R. Bgantseva, magazine director B. Rodin, authors L. Koralchuk, V. Sudeikin, consultants A. Sabinin, E. Savin, V. Kungurtsev, Yu. Gubin
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