Science and Technology № 8

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1 plot "Order to blow up!" Explosions in the quarry. Assembly of aircraft units at the factory. The foreman mounts a protective cover on the compressor blade in the airliner engine. Protective cover test. An automatic detonation unit sprays various parts. 2 plot "Catch, fish ..." Kaluga Turbine Works, carp breeding in one of the shops. A woman weighs live fish on a scale. General view of the fish breeding shop. Biological stimulation of fish. Incubators for fertilized eggs. Containers for grown fry. A workshop in which grown-up carp are fed. 3 plot "When the genealogy is to blame" G. Moscow. Central Institute of Tuberculosis of the USSR Ministry of Health: research of patients' blood in the laboratory; scientists conduct experiments on mice in order to identify the influence of heredity in the event of a disease; study of the strength of immunity using radioactive isotopes; work in the laboratory of experimental immunogenetics under the guidance of Professor A.M. Moroz; children's department, the doctor vaccinates the girl. 4 plot "Collect stones" Georgia, summer. A group of restorers is working on the reconstruction of the royal palace of the 12th century. G. Kutaisi. Restorers restore the Cathedral (1003). Types of Kutaisi. The priest and restorers talk at the temple in one of the restored monasteries. The restorer restores the fresco on the wall of the temple. The head of the restoration team, Karlo Nikaevich Bakuradze, is working in the church to recreate the mosaic. Tomb of King David the Builder. Portrait of King David on the wall of the temple.
V. Shkarina, M. Rafikov, V. Sudeikin, V. Toropov
Film ID
restoration of monuments of history and culture
, aviation industry
, scientific research medical institutions
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, fish farming
Number of Parts
M. Wentzel, V. Sudeikin, V. Rusakova
Other Creators
Text writer G. Balashev, authors M. Rafikov, V. Putko, V. Sudeikin, editor R. Bgantseva, magazine director B. Rodin, consultants A. Zverev, A. Orlov, B. Nikonenko, S. Gagua
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