Scientists - to Agriculture

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A meeting dedicated to the problems of agriculture in Yakutia. Presidium, above the presidium - a portrait of V. I. Lenin. A panorama of the scientists sitting in the hall, among them are veterans of the Great Patriotic War. General view of the barn. A milkmaid stands by the cows to which the milking machines are connected. Cows in stalls chew hay. The milkmaid cleans the cows, washes the udders, connects the milking machine to the udder, milk flows through the hose into the can. A milkmaid milks a cow, pours milk from a bucket into a can. A milkman is milking a cow, other cows are chewing hay and resting. Cows, bulls are taken out to graze in a corral in the field: animals come out of the barn, a bull overturned a bucket of milk. Milk from cans is poured with a hose into a milk tanker; the driver starts the car, drives along a rural road. Livestock breeders talk in the background of the barn. A banner with the inscription "We need 2300 kg of milk from each cow." The milkmaid and the breeder are talking at the corral. The livestock breeder is counting milk yield on the accounts, close-up - the face of the milkmaid. Milkmaids and livestock breeders are walking through the forest with buckets, approaching a corral with cows.
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