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[Russia]. House on the island. Rafting of the forest on the river. Village houses, a church on the shore. Passenger steamer at the pier. Passenger steamer en route. Sailboat at the pier. Cargo ships in the port. Latvia, Riga. View of Riga from the plane. Buildings on the waterfront. Semi-burnt ship "TORMHIMG" off the coast. Two-story mansion, flowers at the entrance. A dilapidated two-story building. People on the dock. Vessel "WASA" at the berth. [Cesis Castle]. One of the city streets. Bell tower. A policeman with an armed guard on the street. Interior view of the Catholic Cathedral. The priest opens a wooden fold. City market. Sellers in white aprons sell chickens, cottage cheese, butter, bread. Meat shopping arcade. The seller shows the customers the ham. Carts, carts on the square. Ship with colored flags on the river. [Russia, Petrograd]. Theatrical performance of the agitation group on the stage in the park. People, high school students in the park. A poster with the inscription: "Only work!". Fragment from the movie "Ambulance Work in Petrograd" (1920, produced by POFKO, operator N. Grigor): a man falls near a tram; members of the ambulance squad run up to him, put a splint on the victim's leg, put him on a stretcher and carry him into the car. A fragment from the film "II Congress of the Comintern" (1920, produced by the Petrograd District Photographic Department (POFCO), director N. Grigor, cameramen N. Grigor, N. Kozlovsky, L. Verigo-Darovsky): a meeting dedicated to the laying of a monument to K .Libknecht and R. Luxemburg on Uritsky Square (formerly Palace Square) on the day of the beginning of the II Congress of the Comintern. Demonstration of workers on the streets of the city. Congress delegates walk down the street; among the delegates G.E. Zinoviev. Laying flowers at the grave of the victims of the revolution on the Champ de Mars; among those present G.E. Zinoviev. Session of the II Congress of the Comintern in the Uritsky Palace. Among the speakers K.B. Radek, A.I. Balabanova, M.I. Kalinin, G.E. Zinoviev. IN AND. Lenin on the podium before speaking at a meeting of the II Congress of the Comintern. Workers of Petrograd meet and greet the delegates of the Congress on the opening day of the II Congress of the Comintern. The building of the Palace of Labor, decorated with ribbons and slogans. Fragment from the movie "Celebration of the 1st of May in Petrograd" (1920, produced by the Petrograd Committee): subbotnik on the Field of Mars (Square of the Victims of the Revolution); Subbotnik participants are folding logs and shovels. Aeroclub building; on the roof there is a sculpture of a winged man. Aircraft at the airport. Snowmobile ride on a snow-covered field. Note: Use of the documentary for scientific purposes only, copying with permission from the Austrian Film Museum.
N. Grigor
Film ID
medical services for the population
, rural settlements
, private trade
, demonstrations
, woodworking industry
, air transport
, river transport
, christianity
, invention
, cartage
, artistic activities
, cities
, rallies
, police
, international communist movement
, monuments of history and architecture
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N. Grigor, N. Kozlovsky, L. Verigo-Darovsky
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