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1syuzh. -Moscow. The signing of the protocol on the extension of the Treaty concluded in 1926 between the USSR and Germany on friendly relations between both countries: deputy. People's Commissar N. N. Krestinsky, the German Ambassador, Mr. von Dirksen, sign the protocol. 2syuzh. - Moscow. Evening working polytechnic at MIIT: Professor Shtange in the classroom with students. Students in laboratory, practical classes; Railroad tracks: workers are assembling electric wires on the towers of the traction network. 3syuzh. - Donbass. Makeevka. The building of the exhibition of the People's Commissariat of Finance: visitors at the exhibition, the exposition of the exhibition, the circulation of the second loan: a drum with a wax seal, a member of the circulation commission rotates the drum, the girl takes out a plate with the bond number, the circulation commission is at work. Demonstration, rally in Makeyevka, dedicated to the demand for a new loan "The third decisive". 4syuzh. - Nizhny Novgorod. Construction of an automobile plant: workshops under construction, buildings, houses for workers, installation of equipment in workshops, workers at a subbotnik. 5syuzh. - Leningrad. Shipyard: trawler on the slipway, launching, trawler in the water area of the shipyard.
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railroad transport
, production of vessels
, bonds
, exhibitions
, building
, agitation and propaganda
, professional education
, automotive industry
, rallies
, international state relations
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