Soyuzkinozhurnal No 6505

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Moscow city. The funeral of the writer S. P. Podyachev: the coffin with the body of the deceased is taken out of the train carriage; funeral procession; a car entwined with flowers and mourning ribbons, carrying a coffin with the body of S.P.Podyachev. Donbass. A cage with workers descends into the mine. Workers shovel coal onto the conveyor belt. A coal mining machine is in operation. A minecar with coal is moving in the mine. A freight train is moving along a railroad track. Platforms loaded with coal are moving. Switchmen put brake shoes on the rails. The switchman gives a signal to the train driver. The city of Stalingrad. Forging shop of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant. Workers at work on blacksmith hammers. Finished crankshaft. Tractor assembly area. Chuvashia. Construction of a highway in the countryside. Collective farmers cut down trees, carry out earthworks, work in a quarry, transport rubble on horses. Participants of the ski run "Leningrad-Moscow" on the way. Fighters-skiers pass through dense bushes, along the street of the village and along the village. Dog sleds accompanying skiers. A crowd of people meeting skiers at the finish line. The city of Leningrad. Production shops of the Krasnoe Znamya garment and hosiery plant. Workers at work at looms and sewing machines. Cutting fabrics, ironing of finished products, packaging of finished products. Mannequins demonstrating the products of the plant. Customers at the counters of the Krasny Vyborzhets department store. Women try on clothes.
N. L. Karaushev
Film ID
fuel industry
, garment industry
, funeral
, automobile transport
, skiing
, state trade
, tractor machine building
, railway transport
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G. T. Vyunnik, V. Soloviev, G. V. Shchulyatin, G. Ya. Zvenogorodsky, Bogorov, N. A. Samgin, S. Fomin
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