Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 22485

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Competitions of track and field athletes and a football match between the teams of the USSR and Turkey at the Dynamo stadium in Moscow. The stadium stands filled with spectators. Airship in the air. A banner above the stands with the slogan: "Long live the leader of the CPSU (b) - the best friend of athletes, Comrade Stalin." Moscow city. Conference of readers of Krasnaya Presnya; writers V.V. Vishnevsky, F.N.Panferov, A.S. Novikov-Priboy are speaking. Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Volga Germans. A grain wagon train moves along a rural road. Collective farmers unload sacks from the cart. Grain bags. Tractor driver of the Liebknecht Stal collective farm A. Martel speaks to the collective farmers. Orenburg. Residents of the city meet the participants of the Moscow-Kara-Kum-Moscow motor rally. Kazakhstan. Cars participating in the rally pass along the steppe road. Kazakhs meet the participants of the race. Baku city. Vacationers on the beach by the sea. Young people play volleyball on the beach. Moscow city. The building of the Moscow air terminal. Monument to V. I. Lenin at the airport building. Passengers in the airport waiting room. The radio operator transmits the radiogram to the aerodrome controller. The meteorologist transmits the weather report to the pilot. Airport staff pack mail for transportation. The train station attendant announces to passengers about the beginning of boarding. Passengers climb the plane. Airplane in the air. The pilot in the cockpit. City Grozniy. A staged story about the work of a mechanized shoe repair shop Sacco and Vanzetti.
NN Karmazinsky
Film ID
automobile transport
, collective farms
, athletics
, consumer service factories
, air transport
, fiction
, peoples life
Number of Parts
M.F.Oshurkov, Nikolaev, A. Kairov, R.L. Carmen
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