Space Serves Man

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PART ONE Space Research Institute staff at work. Full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences RZ Sagdeev speaks about the work of Soviet scientists on space projects (synchronously and behind the scenes). Streets of Moscow, traffic on the Kalininsky bridge. An ambulance is passing along the city street. Surgery for stomach ulcers using a laser. Building and exposition of the pavilion "Space" at VDNKh. Chronicle. General Designer S.P. Korolev gives the command to launch the rocket (synchronously). The rocket takes off. 1961. Cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin in a spaceship. Solemn meetings of Yuri Gagarin in Moscow and at home, in the Smolensk region. PART TWO Research site in [Azerbaijan], which tests instruments and devices for studying the state of the environment and air surveillance. Station for monitoring and control of the environment. Twin-engine aircraft in the air, specialists make aerial photography. Mountain landscape. An employee of the solar power station at the solar battery. Station employees are serving solar power plants. The use of crystals and alloys obtained in space in laser technology. An employee of a space communications station communicates with an artificial satellite. The members of the expedition on the research vessel conduct research of sea water and the seabed. Seascape. Ship at sea Chronicle. 09/15/1976. Flight on the Soyuz-22 spacecraft. Cosmonauts VF Bykovsky and VV Aksyonov are filming from the spacecraft with the MK-6-M multispectral space camera. PART THREE Earth surface images taken by the MK-6-M multispectral space camera. Image processing using electronic computers. Space Research Institute staff at work. Scientific meeting, RZ Sagdeev is present. Academician GI Petrov (synchronously) talks about the great possibilities of using space by humans in the future.
V. Ivanova
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medical services for the population
, energy
, expeditions
, space communication
, medicine
, air transport
, cosmonautics
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A. Popov
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scriptwriter B. Glebov
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