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DECEMBER 1942 - APRIL 1943 Part 1 Meeting of the Military Council of the Southwestern Front headed by the front commander, Army General N.F. Vatutin; among those present: the chief of staff of the front, Lieutenant-General S.P. Ivanov, a member of the Armed Forces of the front, Lieutenant-General A.S. Zheltov, and others. The chief of staff of the front, Lieutenant-General S.P. Ivanov gives his explanations on the map. The commander of the artillery of the Southwestern Front, Lieutenant General MP Dmitriev, speaks to the members of the Military Council. The commander of the Southwestern Front, General of the Army N.F. Vatutin, together with the members of the Military Council present, discussing the plan for the upcoming offensive operation. Next to N.F. Vatutin, Major General V.M. Lajoc. Millerovo, January 16, 1943 Panorama of the railway junction in the smoke from the explosions. Soldiers of the 38th and 58th Guards Rifle Divisions of the 1st Guards Army are fighting street battles in Millerovo. Red Army soldiers are carrying a sled with a Maxim machine gun during the battle at the railway junction. Type of locomotives on the railway tracks. Panorama of the cars abandoned by the Nazis during the retreat. General view of a train with German military equipment at the railway station in Millerovo. The Red Army soldiers run through the territory of the railway junction during the battle. Smoke from explosions in the area of the railway junction. Red Army men, hiding among the wreckage, are fighting at the railway station. Panorama of the destruction at the railway station. View of steam locomotives on the tracks. View of a German tank dug into the ground on one of the streets of Millerovo. A subdivision of the Red Army passes along one of the streets of Millerovo, heading to the bathhouse, after the liberation of the city from the Nazis. Panorama of German cars: buses, trucks, cars, abandoned by the Nazis during the retreat. The Red Army men pass by these trophies. A resident of Millerovo, a member of the Komsomol Rufina Mironova, whose father was shot by the Nazis, walks with a red flag, accompanied by a young guy along Millerovo Street. Rufina Mironova on the balcony of the city theater, hanging out the red flag. Speech by a resident of Millerovo - worker Miroshnichenko at a city rally dedicated to the liberation of the city from the Nazis; next to her on the podium are the commanders of the units that liberated the city from the Nazis. Residents of Millerovo, who came to the rally, applaud. Panorama of the residents of the city attending the meeting. Speech by one of the soldiers who liberated Millerovo. Employees of the city mill go to work, stand in the courtyard of the building, talk with the head of the enterprise, and then enter the production area. A panorama from the mill building to the smoking chimney. Panorama overlooking one of the streets of Millerovo. Residents crawl out of the underground with things: one of the women gets out, the other woman helps her. There are sledges with things nearby. Women with belongings and children at one of the houses where they were given housing. Women enter their homes with their belongings. A woman with children stands at the door of the house. A panorama of other women who received housing in the same house. The head of the city zoo, Nikolai Sergeevich Rybakov (in a summer cap), and an employee of the zoo, Ivan Nikolaevich Krasheninnikov, take the elephant out of the barn where it was kept during the fighting. Men are cleaning an elephant in the yard. Zoo workers Evdokia Ivanovna Komova and Fedor Evdokimovich Misyuchenko are standing next to the cage with a kangaroo. Zoo manager Fedor Evdokimovich Misyuchenko at the cage with a kangaroo. F.E. Misyuchenko opens the cage, puts a bowl of food. Zoo worker Evdokia Ivanovna Komova at the cage with a baboon. A baboon growls in a cage, throws himself on the bars. A man - a resident of Millerovo removes a German sign from a building; the inscription on the sign: "BURGERMTISTERAMT - CITY RULE". Men stand with a sign at the house, one of them throws the sign on the ground, men trample the sign with felt boots. Panorama of the city of Millerovo (filmed from an airplane). General view of the monument to V. I. Lenin with a beaten off head in the square (panorama from bottom to top along the monument). The Red Army soldiers are standing in the street, looking at the building, with a sign in German: "SAMMELkr 15", a truck is passing by. The Red Army soldiers are walking along the street past the destroyed houses. Young guys - vigilantes are under escort along the street of a traitor to the Motherland - a former German policeman; local boys with sticks are running nearby. One of the boys pokes the traitor in the back with a ski stick. The boys run after the convoy, beat the former policeman with sticks. Druzhinniki escort the traitor down the street, local kids, armed with sticks, run after the convoy, local residents watch the procession. The boys run after the convoy, 2 of them have one skate per leg, pushing off with the skate, they quickly keep up with the convoy. The guards lead the traitor into the building, the boys beat the former German policeman on the back with sticks. Part 2. Millerovo Street with destroyed houses, a German armored personnel carrier stands on the road, a woman walks by. Three military men are walking down the street. General view of the captured Germans, wrapped in whatever they got from the frost. Panorama from captured German soldiers to the officers (one of the officers in a fur coat). A German prisoner with a pipe in his mouth. Panorama of German aircraft at the Luftwaffe military airfield (filmed during a snowfall). Panorama of wrecked German trucks and other cars (filmed from the top of the building) General view of the dilapidated building of the railway station at the Millerovo railway station. Panorama from the building to the destroyed railway tracks and other station buildings (shot from above). General view of German trucks abandoned by the Germans during the retreat. Panorama from trucks to other vehicles, incl. cars.
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, organization of management of soviet troops
, high treason
, life of the world population in the occupied territories
, settlements
, trophiessoviet armies
, combat of the southwest front
, children of the war
, liberated occupations
, destroyed cities
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V. Eshurin, I. Komarov
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