Spring Wind over Vienna

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A film about the VII World Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna (Austria). Vienna city. Streets. Bridge. Shop windows. Festival emblem. The motor ship with the delegates of the festival moors to the shore. A train with guests arrives at the station platform. Anti-festival posters on the streets of Vienna. Anti-festival exhibition, newspapers. The Viennese welcomed the participants of the festival. Delegates are dancing. The Viennese welcomed the delegates of the USSR passing by in the bus. The Georgian ensemble is dancing. Procession of the festival delegates across the stadium. The audience in the stands. Doves and balloons are released into the air. The building of the festival committee. Distribution of anti-festival leaflets on the streets of Vienna. Numbers of Austrian bourgeois newspapers ignoring information about the festival. Hostels on the territory of the International Fair, in which the delegates of the festival lived, a tent camp on the banks of the Danube. Participants of the festival wash, prepare breakfast, dance, ride a steamer, kayaks. Performers: Romanian ensemble, Chinese circus, Hungarian ensemble. Performing a dance of the island of Madagascar. French pantomime. An Indonesian youth performs a ritual dance. Dances performed by the delegates of Korea. Festival delegates at the factory, visiting the vineyards, tasting wine at the winery, talking with builders. Pictures of Soviet and American artists. American sculpture "Horseman" and Soviet sculpture "Horseman". Russians and Americans argue about painting. Exchange of souvenirs. Among the delegates is Paul Robson. Seminar for young filmmakers in the student club. Among the participants is S. Gerasimov, Professor Teplitz. The artists of the Voronezh Choir are performing. Participants of the festival in the Vienna park - Prater. Attractions. Youth ball in the concert hall. Polish jazz is playing. Dancing delegates of the festival. The couple is dancing rock and roll. Festival participants listen to the story of the architect. An old building in Vienna. One of the monuments. Square with a fountain. Building with a bas-relief. Panorama over the rooftops of Viennese houses. Monument to I. Strauss. An old gothic building. The Cuban ensemble is performing. Festival participants at the stake of the colonial countries. A manifestation of friendship and solidarity with the youth of the colonial countries. Round dance of girls from different countries. Young people lays wreaths at the monument in the Mauthausen camp. The wall in the camp. Crematorium. Camera. Barbed wire fences. Meeting at Heldenplatz. Bruno Bernini speaking.
L. Derbysheva
Film ID
, the second world war
, relaxation
, food industry
, printing
, youth movement
, dancing
, cities
, sculpture
, painting
, music
Number of Parts
A. Koloshin, I. Bessarabov, V. Kopalin, D. Kaspiy, L. Maksimov, A. Semin
Other Creators
Scriptwriter R. Rozhdestvensky, assistant cameraman Y. Buslaev, composer A. Flyarkovsky, conductor D. Shtilman, announcers S. Bondarchuk, A. Zadachin, editor L. Pertsova, artist N. Koltsov, assistant director V. Okuneva, L. Mikhailova, A. Leontieva, sound technicians V. Kotov, I. Gunger
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