Star Way

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Preparation for space flight of the USSR pilot-cosmonauts V.V. Tereshkova and V.F.Bykovsky. Trainings in a pressure chamber, on a simulator for training the vestibular apparatus, in a thermal chamber, in a rotating rotor, in a "pool" of zero gravity (the cabin of a special aircraft); skydiving in a space suit; training in the centrifuge cabin. V.V. Tereshkova in the pilot's seat (model of the spacecraft) is practicing the actions of the cosmonaut to control the spacecraft. Astronauts in Star City on the last evening before the flight. VF Bykovsky and GS Titov and AG Nikolaev accompanying him are going to the cosmodrome in a bus. VF Bykovsky in the cockpit of the Vostok-5 spacecraft. Rocket take off. The Coordination and Computing Center monitors the flight. Launch of the Vostok-6 spacecraft with VV Tereshkova on board. NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, AI Mikoyan talk with the cosmonauts on space communications. Voices of V.F.Bykovsky and V.V. Tereshkova from space. Scientists of the Crimean Observatory conduct observations of solar activity to calculate a safe orbit for spacecraft. Messages in the Soviet and foreign press about the space flight of Soviet cosmonauts. The landing of the astronauts. Cosmonauts rest on the Volga river, in Zhiguli. Solemn meeting of V.V. Tereshkova and V.F.Bykovsky at the Vnukovo airfield and on Red Square. VF Bykovsky and VV Tereshkova are speaking from the rostrum of the Lenin Mausoleum. Nikita Khrushchev is speaking. Reception at the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in honor of the cosmonauts. Rewarding V.V. Tereshkova and V.F.Bykovsky with government awards. VV Tereshkova at the presidium of the World Congress of Women; at a meeting with residents of Yaroslavl; while in Czechoslovakia. Meeting VF Bykovsky in his homeland: in the city of Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow region, residents are presented with "bread and salt". VV Tereshkova and VF Bykovsky are driving along the street in Sofia (Bulgaria). V. Tereshkova and Y. A. Gagarin in a car with F. Castro, O. Dorticos are driving along a street in Havana (Cuba). V. Tereshkova and Yu. A. Gagarin, accompanied by A. A. Gromyko, go to the UN building, talking with UN Secretary General U Thant.
D. Bogolepov
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, cultural connections
, astrophysics
, higher state bodies
, communication
, international organizations
, media
, cosmonautics
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D. Gasyuk, I. Kasatkin
Other Creators
Screenplay by E. Ryabchikov, sound by V. Kutuzov, music by V. Geviksman, A. Ostrovsky, songs by L. Oshanin
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