Storming Ramushevo

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Northwestern Front, March 1943 The command of the 8th Airborne Guards Division, which is part of the 68th Army under the command of Colonel-General M.S. Khozina, at the table by the map, are discussing a plan for crossing the Lovat River and storming the village of Ramushevo; among those present (from left to right): Deputy Division Commander for the Political Part of the Guard Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Fedorovich Sayapin, Division Commander Major General Alexander Grigorievich Kapitoshin, Chief of Staff of the Guards Division Colonel Pavel Grigorievich Chernyavin, Chief of the Operations Division for the Guards Division Major Petninr rifle unit of the guard Lieutenant Colonel Grigory Ivanovich Pastukhov. Major General A.G. Kapitoshin speaks on the phone, leaves the dugout together with Lieutenant Colonel V.F. Sayapin, they approach the car, get into it; the car is driving along a forest road. An artillery battery is firing at enemy positions on the opposite bank of the Lovat River. Artillerymen of the howitzer battery of the 9th artillery regiment at one of the guns: bringing shells, loading the gun. Gunner Stepan Klimentievich Petrov at the gun, looking through the sight. Fighters of the 25th regiment during the offensive run past a German plane thrown into the field; run across the ice the Lovat River during the offensive on the village of Ramushevo. View of the corpses of the Nazis on the banks of the Lovat River. General view of the broken equipment, pontoons, guns, dugouts, bunkers, shells, grenades, cartridges left by the Nazis during the swift attack of the Soviet troops. Birch crosses on the graves of the Nazis.
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the great patriotic war
, combat operations
, command structure
, troop management
, artillery
105 (общ. 229,7)
I.S. Averbakh, J.K. Smirnov
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