The Art of Millions

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Reviews of amateur performances of trade unions, taking place in the Soviet Union. The city of Kolomna. The Chorus of the Kolomna Diesel Locomotive Plant performs "The Song of Lenin", soloist A. Filippov (synchronously); dance "Komsomolskaya wedding" is performed. Performers are members of the choir of the Republican House of Culture of Trade Unions of Latvia (synchronously, in Latvian). The dance ensemble "Yatran" of the Kirovograd Aggregate Plant is performing; dance "Hopak" is performed. Institute student Pirodzhanova (Chardzhou) dancing Indian dance. Asya Dmitrieva, a cashier at one of the Moscow Region health resorts, performs a circus act on a free wire. The ensemble of Kyrgyz kamuzists is performing (kamuz is a Kyrgyz national instrument). The musical ensemble of Lithuanian students performs a Lithuanian song. The city of Chernivtsi (Ukraine). The head of the opera studio M. Rodnyanskaya is rehearsing scenes from the opera "Boris Godunov" by M. Mussorgsky. The Molodist variety ensemble of the Kishlinsky Machine-Building Plant performs in front of the Caspian oilmen. Dance festival in Estonia. The "Dance of the Blacksmiths" is being performed, in which six hundred participants take part. Dance "Buttermilk" performed by the collective of the Palace of Culture of Textile Workers in Tashkent. The Tajik dance "Suzane", the Turkmen "Dance of the Dzhigits" are being performed. Musical and dance composition "Komsomol members are leaving" performed by students of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The amateur collective of the Minsk Tractor Plant performs the musical and dance picture "Heroes of Brest". Artists of the People's Ballet Theater of the Leningrad Palace of Culture. Gorky is dancing a fragment of the ballet "Cosmos". International shows of amateur art groups. City of Budapest (Hungary). The choir chapel of the Gorbunov Moscow Palace of Culture performs the "Evening Song" by composer Zoltan Kodai (in Hungarian). Tokyo city (Japan). Electrician from Lugansk A. Kotov sings the song "Oh oak, oak". City of Helsinki (Finland). The dance group of the Tbilisi City Transport Department performs the "Mountain Dance" at the International Festival of Youth and Students. Folk carnival processions. The final concert of the amateur art show at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. Artist P. N. Krylov in the art studio of the Tula Palace of Culture gives advice to young artists, examines an exhibition of paintings by the studio. VN Pashennaya speaks at the opening of the Theater of Folk Art in Moscow (1936). Composer R. M. Glier and his students perform in front of the builders of the Fergana Canal. Artists M. M. Tarkhanov, L. R. Ordanskaya among the participants in amateur performances. Artist BA Smirnov talks with participants in the amateur performance "Kremlin Chimes" F. Sharikov and Golubev from Salavat (Bashkiria).
A. Lebedev
Film ID
, cultural connections
, trade unions
, the circus
, artistic activities
, painting
, music
Number of Parts
Yu. Buslaev, E. Efimov
Other Creators
Sound Y. Ogadzhanov, A. Petrov, script D. Anastasyev, A. Arkanov
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