The Funeral of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana on November 9

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Russia, Astapovo, Yasnaya Polyana, November 8-9, 1910 - Photo by L.N. Tolstoy. Leo Tolstoy on his deathbed. Wreaths, the coffin lid are taken out of the house of the head of the Astapovo station I.I. Ozolin. The writer's sons Ilya, Sergei, Mikhail and Andrei Lvovich carry out the coffin with the body of Leo Tolstoy. S.A. Tolstaya, V.N. Philosophers and others. Wreaths, the lid of the coffin are brought into the train carriage. Ilya, Sergei, Mikhail and Andrey Lvovich carry the coffin with the body of the writer into the carriage with the inscription "Baggage". S.A. Tolstaya, I.L. Tolstoy and D.A. Matreninsky (manager of the Ryazan-Ural road) getting off the train at the Zaseka station. E.P. Skorobogatova, A.L. Tolstoy, O.K. Tolstaya, M.L. Tolstoy, V.G. Chertkov, V.N. Philosophers and others. Local peasants walk with a banner along the road from the Zaseka station to the Yasnaya Polyana estate. A funeral train stands in the background. The peasants are holding a banner with the inscription "Lev Nikolaevich! The memory of your good will not die among us orphaned peasants Yasn [oh] Paul [yany]". People on the territory of the Yasnaya Polyana estate. Cart with funeral wreaths. The coffin with the body of L.N. Tolstoy is carried in his arms in a crowd of people near the Zaseka station. The line of those wishing to say goodbye to the writer near the house. Andrei, Ilya, Sergei and Mikhail Lvovich are carrying the coffin with Leo Tolstoy's body out of the house. People standing in the yard kneel down. The funeral procession departs from the house. Groups of people stand in the "Zakaz" forest. Peasants with shovels are standing near the dug grave.
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railway transport
, literature
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J. Meyer
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