The Funeral of the Cadets in Tiflis

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On February 20-21, 1921, defending the approaches to Tiflis from units of the advancing Red Army, the cadets of the Mikhailovsky military school were killed in the region of Kojori-Tabakhmela. On February 22-23 in Tiflis, a mass funeral ceremony for the cadets was held in the courtyard of the military cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. On the night of February 24, units of the Georgian army and the People's Guard retreated from the city. On February 25, the Red Army entered Tiflis (Tbilisi). The plot includes the following filming: The funeral procession moves along Tiflis Street. Ahead of the funeral procession, men carry banners and the Cross, followed by a column with wreaths. People are standing on both sides of the street, watching the movement of the procession. Participants of the procession are carrying the coffins with the bodies of the junkers who died in the defense of Tiflis on February 20-22. People are standing on both sides of the street along which the crowded procession is moving, many of them join the procession . The mass of the people is of various strata of the population: the military, women, students, gymnasium students, etc. There are many armed people. A military brass band is walking down the street in front of the column of troops. Funeral ceremony on the square in front of the Alexander Nevsky military cathedral on Golovinsky Prospekt. The coffins with the bodies of the dead are brought into the cathedral. Groups of people with wreaths stand in the square. A crowd of people in the square in front of the cathedral. Columns of military formation enter the temple for the funeral service for the dead. Panorama over a crowded square. Members of the clergy pass through a crowded square. [Georgian] army and [People's Guard] units stand in the square in front of the cathedral.
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