The Gift of the Yakut Land - to the Novgorodians

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The city of Novgorod. Railway station building. Passengers pass along the platform, including members of the delegation from Yakutia. The streets of the town. The building of the Novgorod Regional Party Committee. Members of the Yakut delegation talk with the leaders of the Novgorod region, give them as a gift a mammoth tusk, decorated with artistic carvings. The Yakut delegation visits the Novgorod Kremlin, the Historical Museum, inspects the Millennium of Russia monument. Solemn meeting dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the victory of the Soviet people over Nazi Germany; a veteran of the Great Patriotic War from Yakutia speaks; members of the Yakut delegation are carrying a mammoth tusk, decorated with carvings, onto the stage. Novgorod region. Members of the Yakut delegation lay wreaths at the monuments to the Yakut fighters who died in the battles for the liberation of the Starorussky district from the Nazi invaders in 1943 and to the soldiers who died in the battles on Lake Ilmen. A rally of local residents at the monument to the Yakut warriors; war veterans, pioneers are speaking; the laying of wreaths. Members of the Yakut delegation pass through the village, talk with local residents, visit the cemetery, the resort "Staraya Russa". A sculpture of a warrior at a mass grave. Combat aircraft of the Red Army on a pedestal. Meeting of the Yakut delegation with local leaders in the office.
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local government agencies
, communist parties
, rural settlements
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, childrens organizations
, state holidays
, decorative and applied art
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