The Signing of the Austrian State Treaty

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The film chronicle is dedicated to the signing of the State Treaty on the restoration of an independent and democratic Austria, signed on May 15, 1955 in Vienna by representatives of the USSR, the USA, England, France and Austria (the RGAKFD stores parts II - VI, part I was not deposited). Part II. Austria. Vienna city. Solemn seeing-off members of the Soviet delegation headed by VM Molotov at the airport. Among those present: Austrian Foreign Minister Figl. The plane is moving along the runway. Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the United States, France. Passage of cars. The participants in the signing of the Treaty greet the people from the balcony of the building where the signing ceremony took place. The cheering crowd. Participants in the signing of the Treaty on the sidelines, sign the treaty, including: VM Molotov, Figl. Part III. Austria. Vienna city. Gala reception. Among those present - General T. Kerner, VM Molotov and others. Streets of the city in the evening. Fountains. Illuminated palace building. Bells are ringing. Solemn meeting of VM Molotov at the airport. Landing of a Soviet plane. Feegl and Molotov exchange handshakes and speeches. Meeting of the British Foreign Secretary. The passage of the motorcade through the streets of the city. Reception at Feegle. Present are the foreign ministers of the United States, Great Britain, France, VM Molotov and others. Preparation of the meeting room. The ministers enter the palace. Negotiation ceremony. Yu Raab, Figl make a speech. Part IV. Conversation. VM Molotov makes a speech. Speakers: J. Raab, Feegl, Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, France. Part V. Meeting of VM Molotov with members of the Austrian government. Among those present: Figl, J. Raab. Streets of Vienna. The buildings are decorated with flags and banners. Vienna residents welcome the cars of the participants in the signing of the Treaty. VM Molotov shakes hands with members of the public. The people welcomed the participants in the meeting, standing on the balcony. Cars enter the territory of the Imperial Palace. Palace building. Reception at [Chancellor] T. Kerner. VM Molotov and other officials are present. T. Kerner talks with Feegl and other foreign ministers. Part VI. Hall of negotiations. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France is speaking. Foreign ministers, including VM Molotov, leave the building of negotiations, greet the public. Foreign ministers' cars drive up to the negotiating palace. The ministers enter the palace building. The state flag of Austria flutters. General view of the city of Vienna from the top point. Signing of the Agreement.
I. Kopalin
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A. Koloshin
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