The White Sea Is Not a White Spot

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A film about the ecological problems of the flora and fauna of the White Sea. The fish inspector V. Zaborshchikov takes part in the film (synchronously and off-screen). Landscapes of the White Sea (winter and summer). Snowmobile movement. Underwater photography of fish and other sea creatures. Fishermen's hut. Fishermen catch fish with nets. V. Zaborshchikov examines the shallow shore. Seals with seals on the shore. St. John's wort sit down in a helicopter. Fishing seiners at sea. Destroyed and half-sunken ships. Abandoned Pomeranian village. Scientists-ichthyologists at work. Scientist-ichthyologist A. F. Ivanchenko gives interviews (synchronously). Catching herring and transporting fish to spawning grounds. Storm. Seagulls over the sea. The Umba River. Hydroelectric dam. Timber rafting. Timber office. Umbsky fish factory. Employees at work. Plant Director A. Derevtsova gives interviews (synchronously). River Varzuga. Sands. The village of Kuzoven. Fishery control officers are rafting down the river in motor boats. Underwater shooting of kelp algae. Algae extraction. Kelp plantation. The city of Arkhangelsk. Algae plant for the production of monit. Production processes in workshops. Brigadier V. N. Sviridov gives interviews (synchronously). Solovetsky Monastery (filmed from a helicopter). Trout farm. Life and everyday life of the inhabitants of one of the villages.
I. Voitenko
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protection of nature and the environment
, offenses
, rural settlements
, fishing
, food industry
, everyday life
, fish farming
, hunting
, biology
, zoology
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I. Yurov, A. Kharkevich, V. Rulev
Other Creators
sound V. Matyushin
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