There Beyond the Arctic Circle

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Kola Peninsula. Types of tundra from a helicopter. Sopki. Winter landscapes of the Arctic. Arctic Ocean. Polar bears on an ice floe. Walruses in the ocean. Birds among the rocks of the coast. The indigenous people hunt seals. Expedition of Soviet scientists on a drifting ice floe near the North Pole; scuba diver descends under water. The nuclear-powered icebreaker "Arktika" moves in ice. Development of an apatite deposit on the Kola Peninsula; loading ore onto dump trucks. View of the city of Monchegorsk. Logging; the car "Drozd" is working; timber trucks are passing by. Streets of Murmansk. Children's theater building. Murmansk port; harbor cranes are working. Seafood on the counter of one of the city's shops. buyers in the bookstore. Magadan. Magadan airport. The streets of the town. passers-by on the street. Fishing boats in the bay. Production shops of one of the fish factories; samples of smoked fish, jars of chum salmon. Transport traffic on the Kolyma highway. Hunters hand over their furs to a collection point. The village of indigenous people. Women in a workshop sew reindeer fur coats A herd of deer in the tundra. Taimyr Peninsula. Forest-tundra from a helicopter. A herd of musk oxen. Building, reactor hall, control panel of the nuclear power plant in Bilibino. Streets and squares of the city. Flowers in the greenhouse. Archaeologists are unloading mammoth bones from a helicopter, discovered at one of the mines. Gold mines. Excavators are working. Sifting gold. A volcanic eruption on the Kamchatka Peninsula from a helicopter. Hot lava. Volcanologists in the volcano area. Norilsk. The streets of the town. Extraction of copper-nickel ore in the quarry and in the mine of the Norilsk Combine. Documentary chronicle of the visit to Norilsk by the Prime Minister of Canada T.E. Trudeau. Production shops of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine. Norilsk port; harbor cranes are working. Port in winter. Passers-by on the streets in winter. Snowplow machines are at work. Dispensary of the "Valek" plant; having a rest in the gym and in the pool. Banquet hall of one of the restaurants; the bartender serves visitors. The artist in the workshop is working on a panel made of pieces of fur. Samples of art products made of bone. The choreographic group performs a national dance.
Е. Eratov
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specialized trade
, automobile transport
, livestock
, timber industry
, state trade
, dancing
, geography
, energy
, metallurgy
, spa assistance
, theatre
, animal world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, mining industry
, geophysics
, sea transport
, beast hunting and hunting
, improvement of settlements
, peoples life
, food industry
, geology
, handicraft industry
, cities
, air transport
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Yu Shchuplyakov, I. Puntakov
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