These Incomprehensible Old People

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The film tells about the life of the communist N.S. Orekhvo, about his views on the past and present of our country. First part. An old Bolshevik, in the past - a senior researcher at the Institute of Party History under the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) N.S. Orekhvo examines old photographs at the table, smiles. N.S. Orekhvo talks about the perversion of the ideals of October at some stages in the history of the USSR (sinhr.). N.S. Orekhvo passes from the kitchen to the room, sits down at his desk, talks about his school years, about joining the Komsomol, about participation in civil war, sings a Komsomol song (sinhr.) Cover of the book by NS Orekhvo “Affairs and people of the KPZB. Memories ”, the pages are turned over. Photos of N.S. Orekhvo in 1924, when he headed the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union of Belarus. N. S. Orekhvo talks about his attitude to the Union of Informal Youth Associations, talks about his social activities, how he was arrested in the 1930s ( Synchronization) Citizens on the streets of Minsk in the summer. The girl on the street eats ice cream. Young people with long hair among passers-by. A group of young people on the street. Elderly people are walking around the house, sitting on benches. The second part of. NS Orekhvo in his apartment talks about the Komsomol youth (sinhr.), About the "cleansing" of the members of the Belarusian Communist Party (sinhr.). Book NS Orekhvo "Affairs and people of the KPZB. Memories". Photos of comrades-in-arms who died during the Stalinist repressions. NS Orekhvo is walking down the street in the center of Minsk, NS Orekhvo is reading a poem (sinhr.) Kurapaty, a panorama of yellow leaves on the crown of a tree. NS Orekhvo tells (sinhr.) About the events of 1937 in Minsk, about the repressions that affected members of his family (his wife and daughter who disappeared in the camp, who, after the arrest of their parents, was sent to an orphanage). Photos of N.S. Orekhvo's wife, repressed in 1937.Daughter N.S. Orekhvo, associate professor of the Minsk Gorky Pedagogical Institute Larisa Nikolaevna, sitting on a park bench, talks about how her mother was arrested (sinhr.). .Orejvo goes to the balcony. An elderly man and a woman are walking along the road from the entrance. NS Orekhvo climbs the underpass, walks along the street in the center of Minsk. Passers-by on the street. B / W footage. Kurapaty, place of mass execution of people in 1937. Bones and skulls are laid out on the sand under the pine trees by the moat. The meeting in the forest. A poster depicting Stalin against the background of a common grave in Kurapaty. The third part. N.S. Orekhvo talks about Lenin's will, about Stalin's betrayal of the ideals of the Revolution, about the state of the Communist Party at the present stage, talks about the genocide against the Belarusian intelligentsia, calls on young people to help Gorbachev restore order in the party (sinhr.) .Orekhvo is lying in the hospital ward, next to him on a chair granddaughter Lena reads him the newspaper "Pravda". Nurses walk along the corridor of the hospital. N.S. Orekhvo's granddaughter Lena, sitting at a table in a street cafe, answers the questions of a journalist, talks about a new generation freed from fear, talks about her grandfather (sinhr.). Visitors at the tables of a street cafe. N.S. Orekhvo is walking down the street with his daughter and granddaughter. NS Orekhvo talks about political apathy, bribery, enrichment, embezzlement in modern society (sync.) B / W personnel. Kurapats, hands in rubber gloves hold a skull. Skulls lie on the sand. Gloved hands pull the skull out of the sand. The woman hands the skull over to the man, who puts it on the sand. Burial of the remains of those shot.
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komsomol and other youth organizations
, repression
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, rally and protest
, situation of various populations
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