Three Minutes on Candidates for Deputies

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The newsreel is dedicated to the candidates for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR: architect A.G. Mordvinov, doctor of medical sciences M.P. Kireev, deputy chairman of the Moscow Council A.I. Efremov, chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR N.A. Bulganin, test pilot V.K.Kokkinaki, turner of the Lublin foundry and mechanical plant T.S. Inshakov, chairman of the planning commission of the Moscow City Council M.A.Zlotnikov, secretary of the Sokolniki district party committee in Moscow R.K. Nazarova, teacher of school No. 456 in Moscow M. P. Tomilina, agronomist D. A. Bolshakov, secretary of the Kiev district party committee of Moscow P. I. Dmitriev, locomotive operator I. Z. Bodylev, chairman of the Klin district executive committee of Moscow V. S. Papivina, locksmith of the Kolomensky plant I. V. Lipatova, weaver of the factory "Leader of the Proletariat" N. K. Kuzmina, head of the department of public education in Moscow A. D. Sergeeva, tractor driver of the Ulyanovsk machine-tractor station M. A. Krasnova, milkmaid of the collective farm "Krasnaya Zarya "E. D. Nartova, Chairman of the Ramensk District Executive Committee I. I. Klenov, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Reutov Spinning Factory V. V. Zimicheva, Head of the Housing Administration under the Moscow City Council P. K. Mayorov, Tram Trust Manager D. D. Korolev, the workshop of the Hammer and Sickle plant to G. M. Ilyin, the poet V. I. Lebedev-Kumach, the weaver of the Trekhgornaya manufactory E. V. Maslennikova, the engineer of the Gorbunov plant D. A. Timofeev, the foreman of the Likhachev automobile plant Z. T. Fedorova, director of the Krasny Proletary machine-tool plant M.V. Chelukhov, bricklayer P. S. Orlov, deputy director of a textile factory A. M. Karpov, secretary of the Moscow city party committee V. P. Pronin, professor S. L. Sobolev, head Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) G.M. Malenkov, singer V.V. Barsova, deputy people's commissar of the food industry P.S.Zhemchuzhina, surgeon N.N.Burdenko. Deputy candidates at work, at pre-election meetings, rallies.
I. Kopalin, I. Zhukov, L. Varlamov, M. Kaufman, M. Fideleva, S. Gurov, S. Repnikov, F. Kiselev, M. Slutsky, G. Kumyalsky, G. Satarova, J. Poselsky, I. Venzher
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