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A philosophical film about time, about an appeal to future generations. PART 1. Abandoned village: houses, a club building, a monument to V.I.Lenin. The girl makes a "secret": lays out colored glass, foil and various little things in the hole. Saint Petersburg. The streets of the town. On the facade of the house there is a marble plaque with PDP: "APPEAL TO THE FUTURE GENERATION. OPEN 21 FEBRUARY 2010" Funeral epitaphs in the cemetery. "Tower of Griffins" ("Digital Tower") on Vasilievsky Island. Moscow. The building of the Moscow City business center. The territory of an abandoned military unit; barracks, servicemen's apartments. The young man Alexander, sitting by the fire, talks about the life of his family in this unit, reads a note from the soldiers, drawn up by them in 1976 (sinhr.). K / t b / w plans: Kaluga, September 3, 1976 - ceremonial laying of a capsule with a letter to future generations in the foundation of the monument to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga. Tomsk, 1978 - laying of a capsule with a letter in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Tomsk plant of building materials and products. Barnaul, 1968 - laying a capsule with a letter to future generations; solemn meeting. [1970s] - the building of the village club; young people on a rural street. The boy is riding a bicycle. Strategic missile in the hangar; rocket takeoff. Soldiers on the obstacle course, in a military unit, at the control panel. Military vehicles are passing by. [1950-60s] - New Year's Eve at the House of Culture. Leningrad, 1970-80s - military equipment participates in the parade on the Palace Square. PART 2. The woman Zoya at home talks about her childhood, about the message drawn up 50 years ago by pioneers in the pioneer camp of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute named after M.I. Kalinina (sync.). The territory of an abandoned pioneer camp: external and internal views of the buildings, playgrounds, dining room, abandoned toys. The author of the film A. Dranitsyna shoots things in the apartment with a video camera, talks about them (behind the scenes). C / t, b / w plans: 1960-70s. - a lesson in the classroom. Children are engaged in modeling, sewing, aeromodelling, dance club. Children in pioneer camps. Pioneer camp "Ogonyok". PART 3. Inventor Mark Leonidovich Kostrov at home demonstrates an anti-flu mask, an anti-fire attachment for cigarettes, a flour beetle, an eternal light bulb. ML Kostrov makes a "pill of immortality" from particles of hair, skin, nails, filled with epoxy resin. Souvenirs made using epoxy resin. Abandoned village: houses, cemetery. A. Dranitsyna digs a hole, lays a tin box with a video cassette in it. C / t, b / w plans: 1930-40s. - children sleep in cots. 1960-70s - testers leave the test chamber, engineers at the instruments.
A. Dranitsyna
Film ID
, out-of-school education
, rural settlements
, school education
, addiction
, pioneer organization
, architecture
, club type institutions
, christianity
, preschool education
, strategic missile forces
, cities
, video
, a family
, consumer services
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J. Gauzel
Other Creators
Composer - Andrey Surotdinov, sound engineer - Dmitry Vasiliev, editor - Zhanna Romanova, editing - Yuri Gauzel
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