Tragedy in the Pskov Region

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1 box Leningrad region, February, 1944. Soldiers of the 1902 self-propelled artillery Kremenchug Red Banner Order of Suvorov 2nd degree regiment refuel their guns before the attack. The regiment's assistant commander for technical matters, Lieutenant Mikhail Petrovich Barkhatov-Bakradze inspects the guns. Self-propelled artillery installations are ready for battle, among them the installation with the number "401740". Soviet infantrymen are running under the cover of self-propelled guns. The commander of the 1902nd Kremenchug self-propelled artillery regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Spiridonovich Grdzelishvili at the mobile observation post, clarifies the interaction in the attack with the deputy commander of the 414th rifle regiment of the 18th Mginsky Red Banner division, Major Philip Semyonovich Plotnikov. Destroyed railway bridge, damaged power lines. 2 box Leningrad region, February 28, 1944 (from August 23, 1944 - Pskov region). On February 27, 1944, the German fascist invaders brutally massacred the civilians of the villages of Pikalikha, Zaroi, Kryakush, the village of Karamyshevo, killing 120 people. On the ashes of burnt houses there are a lot of charred human corpses of adults, children, old people, burned and brutally killed by the Nazis, among them the bodies: Zoya Alekseevna Shiryaeva - a dentist, born in 1918, her father, mother, grandmother 90 years old, and two children; Maria Alexandrovna Filippova - teacher; Olga Andrianovna Morozova born in 1926, Zinaida Morozova born in 1929, Lyudmila born in 1933, grandmother Matryona Vasilyevna 80 years old; Peter Mikhailovich Mikhailov, his wife Maria and two children; Dmitry Sidorov, his children Victor, Evgeny and Anatoly; Tamara Dmitrievna Rumyantseva, born in 1917, her children Oleg, Vyacheslav and Gennady; Vasily Stepanov, his wife Maria, children of Nikolai, Albert and Anna; Smirnov Nikolai Dmitrievich; Golubev Mikhail Fedorovich, his wife Tatyana and daughter Vera; Elena Ivanovna Alexandrova 80 years old, Ivan Petrovich Petrov born in 1913, his mother, wife and children: Galina, Alisa and Tamara, Valentina Kurkova, her children: Kim and Nina; Anisya Filippova; Fedosya Petrova. A group of officers, including the commander of the 110th Rifle Corps of the Leningrad Front, Lieutenant General Ivan Vasilyevich Khazov, the commander of the 18th Mginsky Red Banner Rifle Division, Major General Minzakir Abdurakhmanovich Absalyamov talk with the inhabitants of one of the villages - Peter Alexandrovich Alexandrov and his wife Alexandra Ivanovna. Partisan Maria Ivanova stands on the ashes of a house. Zinaida Aleksandrovna Golubeva mourns loved ones, burying herself in her friend's shoulder.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, command structure
, leningrad front
, boinaleningrad direction
, peacefulpopulation
, punitive actions of fascist german troops
, ground troops
, destruction in transport
, corpses of soviet citizens
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J. Smirnov, V. Muromtsev
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