Truth of the April Revolution

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Republic of Afghanistan, Kabul. View of the city from the top point. Distributors of newspapers in the streets. Tank of the Hero of the Revolution Vatanjar on a pedestal. Trade in fruits and vegetables on the market. Tinsmith's shop. Patrol in the evening streets of Kabul; a patrol officer searches the passengers of the car; cartridges and rifles found during the search; interrogation of a dushman. Hospital in Kabul; the doctor examines the patient in the operating room Interview with the wounded (synchronously). Volunteer soldiers take an oath at the cemetery at the graves of their dead comrades. Fighting volunteer fighters and soldiers of the People's Armed Forces against bands of counter-revolutionaries in the village of Ada. Type of identity card of one of the members of the reactionary group. Meeting of tankers in a remote village. A meeting of residents of the liberated village of Ada; the elder mullah is speaking. Mosque. People are praying in the mosque. Mulla talks about his visit to a mosque in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) (synchronously). Mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif. The Minister of Defense talks about the weapons of the mercenaries fighting in Afghanistan (synchronously). Lesson at the Kabul Lyceum "Inkilob". One of the students talks about the event associated with the hit in the lyceum of a grenade with poisonous gas, after which 4 pupils of the lyceum were killed (synchronously). Newsreel footage of the use of chemical weapons by mercenaries. The trial of the Egyptian citizen Z. Mahmoud, the Iranian M. Rezai, who underwent special training, carried out punitive operations on the territory of Afghanistan (synchronously). The village of Ghaziabad. The peasants are working in the fields, planting orange trees, collecting olives. Friendship Garden, planted together with Soviet specialists. The Zeytun agricultural machinery plant, built with the help of Soviet specialists. Assembly of buses in the workshop of the bus production plant in the city of Jangalak. Students of the school for the elimination of illiteracy in the classroom in the classroom. Students in the classroom. Unloading bales of cotton at a nitrogen-bale plant, Soviet specialists talk with employees of the plant. Afsotr Afghan-Soviet transport enterprise. The movement of a convoy of vehicles accompanied by Soviet soldiers in armored personnel carriers. city of Kunduz. City street. Young men, members of the Democratic Youth Organization of Afghanistan, talk about themselves (synchronously). A group of girls in military uniform receives ammunition. city of Kabul. Building a house in a new area. The story of a lyceum teacher about her family, which actively participated in the struggle for the revolution (synchronously). Production workshop of the printing house. Meeting of the Congress of Journalists and Writers; speech of the delegate of the congress. Presentation of the banner of the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the banner of the Lenin Komsomol to the leaders of the youth organization of Afghanistan at the conference; speech by B. Karmal. Visit of the party and government delegation of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan headed by B. Karmal to Moscow. Meeting at the airport. Talks in the Kremlin; involved: Leonid Brezhnev, B. Karmal, members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee and members of the Afghan delegation. The signing of the Soviet-Afghan cooperation agreement. Pioneer parade at a stadium in Kabul. children in the city kindergarten. Children ride a carousel during a folk festival. A nurse carries a newborn baby. Faces of happy parents.
E. Kuzin
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military communications
, medical services for the population
, economic communications
, private trade
, rural settlements
, school education
, plant growing
, agricultural engineering
, revolutionary movement of the 2nd half of the 20s
, childrens organizations
, preschool education
, political connections
, islam
, youth organizations
, printing production
, cities
, automotive industry
, police
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A. Pestrolyubov
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