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1. France, Lyon. Type of destruction in the city from a landslide. Search for the dead. 2. Russia. The city of Ola. View of destroyed houses from the storm. 3. USA. New York City. Participation of athletes in competitions for cleaning turkeys from feathers at speed. 4. USA. City of Washington. Airship view in the air. 5. USCHA. Hollywood. Fishing cat for catching fish. 6. USA. Boston city. Type of ships. Loading the barge. 7. Atlantic Ocean. Rescue of the crew of the steamer "Ovid" by the steamer "Mauritania". 8. Wives moan. A ball game at the stadium between the Notre Dame and Northeast teams. 9. USA. New York City. The opening ceremony of the giant bridge. President Roosevelt is present. The movement of vehicles, pedestrians on the bridge. 10. USA. City of Chicago. Transporting prisoner Capone from the courthouse to the prison. 11. City of West Pont. Greetings from the cadets of the military academy of Marshal Petain. Troop parade. 12. City of Auckland. Competitions of girls on the speed of washing dishes. 13. USA. New York City. Competitions of motor boats on the river. 14. City of New Hawaii. Ball game at the stadium. Fans in the stands.
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places of detention
, automobile transport
, football
, sea transport
, water sports
, natural disasters
, higher education
, entertainment
, animal world
, air transport
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