Urho Kekkonen and His Time

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Photo: V. I. Lenin at a meeting of the Council of People's Commissars on the recognition of Finland's independence. Newsreel: Finnish soldiers in the forest, in the trenches during the 1939-1940 war between the USSR and Finland. The troops of fascist Germany on the territory of Finland during the 2nd World War. A. Hitler's meeting with Marshal Mannerheim. The signing of the 1948 Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in the Kremlin. The agreement is signed by VM Molotov and M. Pekkala. Soviet soldiers and sailors leaving the Porkalla military base in Finland (1955). U.K. Kekkonen in the cabinet after his election as President of Finland (1956). U. K. Kekkonen's visit to the USA, to the USSR. U. Kekkonen's participation in hunting in a forest near Moscow together with A. A. Gromyko, A. I. Mikoyan, A. N. Kosygin. U. Kekkonen lays a wreath in Khatyn. U. K. Kekkonen's speech at the All-European Conference on Security and Cooperation in Helsinki in 1975. The heads of delegations of foreign states sign the final act of the Helsinki conference. State and public figures speak about President U. Kekkonen (synchronously): U. Palme (Sweden), D. Kennan (USA). Photos by U. Kekkonen over the years. Filming U. Kekkonen in a formal setting and during leisure.
M. Babak
Film ID
the second world war
, leisure
, relaxation
, state structure
, legislation
, international connections
, wars
, political connections
, finland
, conflicts of the 1st half of the 20th century
, hunting
, borbazamir
, higher state authorities
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I. Filatov
Other Creators
Sound by Yu. Ignatov, script by I. Itskov
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