Ushakovs Heirs

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The film tells about the memorable places associated with the life of the Russian naval commander, admiral, commander of the Black Sea fleets Fyodor Fedorovich Ushakov in the Temnikovsky region of the Republic of Mordovia. From generation to generation, the most worthy of the region's conscripts undergo military service on the Northern Fleet cruiser Fyodor Ushakov. Part 1 Republic of Mordovia, Temnikovsky district, village. Alekseevka. A commemorative stele, a plaque with the inscription: "There was a manor house in which Admiral of the Fleet FF Ushakov lived in 1744-45-1817." River, forest, horses in the meadow. Country houses. Republic of Mordovia, Temnikovsky district, Temnikov. The building of the Temnikovsky Museum of History and Local Lore. F.F. Ushakova. Bronze bust of FF Ushakov (sculptural portrait-reconstruction of anthropologist MM Gerasimov), lifetime portrait of FF Ushakov in the museum. The director of the museum, Nikolai Nikolaevich Zaraev, tells the schoolchildren about F.F. Ushakov during the excursion (sinhr.), Works in the office. Types of r. Moksha. Entrance to the city of Temnikov. Transport movement. The streets of the town. Outdoor wedding escort. The groom carries the bride out of the Palace of Culture and Leisure in his arms. The guests meet the newlyweds. A house, a commemorative plaque with the inscription: “Generations of relatives of Admiral of the Russian Fleet FF Ushakov lived in this house. N.N. Zaraev talks about the owners of this house (sinhr.). Descendant of F.F. Ushakova, endocrinologist Alexander Yuryevich Semenov talks about his family (sinhr., Behind the scenes). Nativity of the Theotokos Sanaksar Monastery. Temnikovsky district, with. Old city. Former servicemen of the Russian Navy A. Chibrikov, M. Byakin, N. Gagarin, Y. Pankin, V. Pankin, N. Lotov at haymaking, talking during their rest (sinhr.). Meeting of the members of the Maritime Assembly at the Temnikov Museum of History and Local Lore (sinhr.). Chairman of the Marine Assembly N.A. Kozabaranov talks about his passion for sailing ships (sinhr.). N.N. Zaraev speaks about the activities of the Marine Assembly (sinhr.). Part 2. ON THE. Kozabaranov assembles a model of a sailing ship. Model of a sailing ship. Republic of Mordovia, Temnikovsky district, Temnikov. N.N. Zaraev in the museum tells students about the naval battle of the Russo-Turkish War (1787-1791) between the fleets of Russia and the Ottoman Empire (sinhr.). N.N. Zaraev talks about the Orthodox Cultural and Educational Center named after Admiral Fyodor Fedorovich Ushakov, where cadets for the navy are brought up (sync.) during the lesson (sync.). The guide tells the cadets about the last years of F.F. Ushakov in the Temnikovsky Museum of History and Local Lore (sinhr.). F.F. Ushakova in Temnikovskaya school number 1. A senior pupil conducts an excursion for primary school students. Schoolgirls for a lesson in the school studio "Young Couturier" sew on sewing machines. Girls demonstrate a collection of clothing models, which they dedicated to FF Ushakov. Solemn seeing off recruits for military service in the navy. Meeting of conscripts. Young men are presented with vests, gifts, icons. Young people throw up one of the conscripts. The city of St. Petersburg. The building of the Naval Cadet Corps. Celebration on Palace Square on the occasion of the next graduation at the Naval Engineering Institute. Graduates, family and friends in the square. A naval officer speaks at a rally (sinhr.). Alumni parade. A. Belov, a graduate from the village of Alekseevka, talks about studying at the institute (sinhr.). The priest speaks about A. Belov (sinhr.) Road sign: "Alekseevka village". Nativity of the Theotokos Sanaksar Monastery. Religious procession on the territory of the monastery. The cadets visit the monastery. Service in the temple. Writer, researcher of the life of F.F. Ushakov, chairman of the Union of Writers of Russia V.N. Ganichev on the territory of the monastery with a priest. Book about FF Ushakov from the series "Life of Remarkable People". V.N. Ganichev talks about the conference dedicated to F.F. Ushakov, about the glorification of F.F. Ushakov in the Face of the Holy Saransk and Mordovian Diocese (sinhr.). N.N. Zaraev talks about the funeral of F.F. Ushakov (sinhr.). The grave of F.F. Ushakov in the Nativity of the Theotokos Sanaksar Monastery. Decree establishing the Ushakov medal. Republic of Mordovia, Saransk. Cathedral of St. Fyodor Ushakov.
Yu.A. Didelev
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rural settlements
, school education
, higher education
, christianity
, museums
, villages
, landscapes
, cities
, peoples life
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Yu.A. Didelev
Other Creators
Script writers N. Dyakov, Y. Didelev, sound engineer V. Klyachkin
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