USSR - Finland 30 Years of Friendship

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The visit to the USSR of the Finnish government delegation headed by Prime Minister K. Sorsa on the occasion of the celebrations dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Soviet-Finnish treaty of 1948. Laying wreaths at the Lenin Mausoleum and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A visit by the delegation to the Second Moscow Watch Factory, the Likhachev Automobile Factory. Delegation trips to Zaporozhye, Tashkent, Samarkand, Irkutsk. Inspection by the delegation of the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant, historical and architectural monuments of Samarkand. Bratsk hydroelectric power station, Lake Baikal, a sanatorium in Irkutsk. Moscow city. Solemn meeting dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Treaty between the USSR and Finland. On the podium: K. T. Mazurov, Arkhipov, K. Sorsa. Speakers: I. Arkhipov, K. Sorsa, G. I. Yanaev, O. Martikainen. Reception of Finnish youth BN Pastukhov in the Central Committee of the Komsomol. Breakfast at the Finnish Embassy, hosted by Prime Minister K. Sorsa; present: A. N. Kosygin and others. Members of the Finnish government delegation at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR - the ballet Ivan the Terrible. Seeing the delegation at the airport. Chronicle footage: the signing in 1948 of an agreement between the USSR and Finland; Among the participants - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR V.M. Molotov.
V. Skitovich
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M. Averbukh, O. Voinov, L. Sokolnikov, S. Cherkasov
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Text by A. Ivaschenko, sound by Y. Kotov
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