Valley of Dreams

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The film tells about the tragic fate of the Shilkin family and other residents of the Komsomolets village of the Kustanai region of the Kazakh SSR, who came to Kazakhstan to develop virgin lands. The territory of the zone for offenders. Convicts work in a workshop; dine in the dining room, wash in the bath, smoke. Seeing at the station of volunteers leaving for Kazakhstan to develop virgin lands. Tractors cultivate virgin lands. Harvesting wheat using combines. Monument to Virgin Lands. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev on a virgin field; holding a loaf of bread. View of a virgin village. Former prisoner Yuri Shilkin talks with his mother in a village hut. Residents of the village celebrate the return of their fellow countryman from the prison; talking around the fire. Rural landscape: river, field. Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God. Russian cemetery in Kazakhstan. Former prisoner Yuri Shilkin, his mother, other people pass between the graves in the cemetery. Residents of the village talk about their life during the war of 1941-45 (synchronously). Former prisoner Yuri Shilkin talks with a priest. View of a Muslim cemetery in Kazakhstan. Worship of believers in the Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan. Former prisoner Yu. Shilkin talks about himself (synchronously); cleans the frames of icons in the workshop. The owner of a local cafe tells about the childhood of the former prisoner Y. Shilkin and his family members (synchronously). Yu. Shilkin on a ferry sailing along the river. Photos from the Shilkin family album.
V. Ryzhko, A. Shilkin
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, nature
, funeral
, river and lake transport
, christianity
, public home life
, public catering
, settlements
, protection of the state building
, islam
, agriculture
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G. Myakishev
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