Vice President AD Protopopov on the French Front

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France. - Comrade Chairman of the IV State Duma A.D. Protopopov and the Russian general get out of the car. Men in civilian clothes get out of the cars. Are standing A.D. Protopopov, a group of men in civilian clothes, French officers and a Russian colonel with the George Cross around his neck and the Order of the Legion of Honor on his chest. A.D. Protopopov, men in civilian clothes, French and Russian officers inspect the wooden barracks of the clinic named after Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. A.D. Protopopov, men in civilian clothes, French and Russian officers are traveling on open railway platforms of a narrow-gauge train. AD Protopopov and his entourage inspect the warehouses of shells. AD Protopopov and others walk through the territory of the Russian hospital on the Frenet hill. In the village courtyard there is a French military band playing the Russian anthem, A.D. Protopopov and others enter the house, walk down the street. A.D. Protopopov and men in civilian clothes put on helmets, French officers are standing nearby. A.D. Protopopov and French officers walk along the railway cars, on which fascines, woven from branches, are stacked. In front of the house are A.D. Protopopov, a Russian general, French officers and men in civilian clothes. The Russian colonel walks past the cathedral damaged by artillery. A.D. Protopopov and others inspect the positions of French soldiers in the forest in the Argons. A.D. Protopopov, accompanied by Russian officers, is walking through the camp. Russian soldiers are standing and singing. A.D. Protopopov, accompanied by men in civilian clothes, leaves the wooden building. Parade of Russian soldiers, there are A.D. Protopopov, Russian and French officers, men in civilian clothes. A 13-year-old Russian non-commissioned officer with the St. George Cross and a medal on his chest is posing for the camera. Russian soldiers and a cook at the field kitchen. Prayer service for Russian soldiers in the camp in front of the regimental church.
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world war i
, france
, international military communications
, russia
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