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The film by V. Artemenko is dedicated to the members of the rural orchestra of the village of Melniki, Chernobaevsky district, Cherkasy region, who died during the war and died from wounds, which was organized in 1934. Photo of members of the orchestra with the inscription: SPIRIT ORCHESTRA OF THE MELNIKOVSKY KOLKHOZ IM. Petrovsky, a resident of the village of Melniki, Cherkasy region, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Luka Andreevich Kharchenko, a former member of the village brass band, tells (sync. and behind the scenes in Ukrainian with voiceover translation) about how Mikhail Lukich Snichenko organized a brass band in 1934, about the war, about post-war life. A woman - a resident of the village at home talks about the village orchestra (sync. And for the frame.), Other villagers talk about the leader of the orchestra Mikhail Lukich Snichenko, about the period of occupation during the Second World War. The stork is flying in the sky. View of the village of Melniki and the surrounding landscapes. A man - a resident of the village walks with a pipe under his arm to the building of the rural House of Culture. A group of men enter the House of Culture. Elderly women and children go with flowers to the House of Culture, where the Orchestra's Memorial Day is celebrated. Residents of the village stand at the entrance to the house of culture, on which a general photo of the orchestra members is posted. They look at the photo, talk (sinhr.), Remember their fellow villagers - members of the orchestra who died in the war. Wind instruments are lying in the clearing. Brass band plays in the village square "Victory Day" (sinhr.). The villagers are standing around, listening. The list of those killed in the battles for the Motherland, MLTP: “ARTEMENKO A.I., ARTEMENKO L.S., ARTEMENKO N.S., ARTEMENKO F.V., GALITSKY A.P., ZHURAVEL D.P., KRAVCHENKO G.A. ., MIROSHNICHENKO ML, SMARZHEVSKY NI, YURCHENKO NN ". List of deaths from wounds, MLTP: "ARTEMENKO AG, BARANNIK SS, KALYUZHNY IN."
V. Artemenko
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, rural settlements
, music
, cultural and educational work
Number of Parts
A. Verteletsky
Other Creators
screenwriter B. Khandros, sound engineer L. Ryazantsev, composer I. Polyarush
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