Visit to Socialist Romania

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Landscapes of Romania. Pasture. Tractor in the field. Factory. City of Bucharest. One of the streets of the city. Cafe. State flags of Romania and the Soviet Union. Meeting at the Otopeni airport of the Soviet party and government delegation headed by AN Kosygin. Among the greeters, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic IG Maurer. Guard of honor. A. N. Kosygin and I. G. Maurer are speaking. Soviet-Romanian talks at the Palace of the Council of Ministers of the Republic. At the talks are present: A. Kosygin, M. Suslov, A. Gromyko, I. G. Maurer, Nikulescu-Mizil, Menescu. Laying wreaths by members of the Soviet delegation at the monument to the heroes of the struggle for freedom of the people and the Motherland, the monument to Soviet soldiers. A visit by members of the delegation to the city of Ploiesti, an oil refinery and a petrochemical plant in the town of Braz. City of Bucharest. Meeting of the Soviet delegation with the Secretary General of the Romanian Communist Party I. Ceausescu, the signing of a treaty of friendship and cooperation. Solemn meeting at the Palace of the Republic. Speaker I. G. Maurer, A. N. Kosygin. Visiting guests of the new district of Bucharest - Titan, inspection of one of the shops. Seeing off at the airport. Among those seeing off I. G. Maurer.
S. Pumpyanskaya
Film ID
petrochemical industry
, air transport
, public catering
, political connections
, cities
, trade
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E. Akkuratov, O. Artseulov
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