Voices of My Land

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Sand dunes. Ruins of an ancient city in the Turkmen SSR. The caravan goes through the desert. Moments of the construction of the Karakum Canal. The builders of the canal work on excavators, bulldozers, install various devices for the operation of the canal. View of the village in the area of the Karakum canal. Streets of the city of Nebit-Dag. The head of the Turkmenburneft trust P. Ya. Sichovoy is driving along Nebit-Dag street. View of oil rigs in the Turkmen SSR. Moments of work on oil production. View of the oil fountain. Moments of construction of oil drilling sites. Ferries "Soviet Turkmenistan" and "Soviet Azerbaijan" in the Caspian Sea. Workers of the carpet workshop of the Turkmen SSR weave patterns on carpets. Muslims pray at the mosque. Chairman of the collective farm "Communism" in Turkmenistan K. Annamukhamedova talks with collective farmers; collective farmers are harvesting cotton and corn from the fields. Collective farm workers are caring for calves and sheep. A delegation of collective farmers of the Uzbek SSR talks with workers of the Kommunist collective farm, inspects a cotton field. K. Annamukhamedova talks with her sons at home. Moments of work on the processing of cotton at the cotton base. Turkmen artist I. Klychev draws a sketch for the painting "The Morning of My City". View of the streets and squares of Ashgabat. Work to restore Ashgabat. Type of educational institutions, industrial enterprises of the Turkmen SSR. Salt mining works on the Kara-Bogaz-Gol lake.
H. Yakubov
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, painting
, fuel industry
, food industry
, religion
, textile industry
, sea transport
, livestock
, everyday life
, landscapes
, reclamation
, plant growing
, a family
, monuments of history and architecture
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V. Gukasov
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