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The city of Kuibyshev. Meeting of the old Bolsheviks - participants in the events of the October Revolution of 1917 in Samara. Production of new-type square-nested seeders at the Kazan Mechanical Plant. Automatic processes for weighing and packaging tea at the Ryazan tea-packing factory. Selling tea in the store. Chuvashia. G. Cheboksary. Palace of Pioneers. The members of the circle prepare gifts for the participants of the World Festival of Youth and Students. Craftswomen-embroiderers embroider a set of napkins with national ornament. Demonstration and testing of a prototype of a portable machine for the manufacture of cheap building materials from local raw materials, created in the laboratory of Professor A. G. Panyutin at the Gorky Civil Engineering Institute. A plot dedicated to the duty officer at the station Admiralteyskaya Sloboda of the Kazan Railway E. A. Kokurina, who risking her life saved the life of a disabled person walking along the tracks during the passage of the train. E. A. Kokurina in the hospital ward. Children of Kokurina. EA Kokurina gives interviews (synchronously). Participants of the amateur performances of the Kuibyshevskaya HPP are preparing for the festival of youth and students. Dance ensemble rehearsal.
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medical services for the population
, out-of-school education
, food industry
, state trade
, invention
, mechanical engineering
, applied mechanics
, professional education
, railway transport
, social security
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