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Autumn landscape. View of the entrance to the Kuibyshev Botanical Garden. An employee of the botanical garden walks along the alley, holding in her hands the seeds coming here from different parts of the globe. Kind of plants, flowers growing in the garden. View of a birch grove. Members of the British delegation during a visit to the Ulyanovsk plant of heavy and universal machine tools. The members of the delegation are watching the work processes at the plant, talking with engineers. The use of a crane in construction. Production processes at the Kuibyshev Mechanical Plant, which produces cranes. Photo exhibition in the museum of Ryazan School No. 44, dedicated to the history of the creation of the Polish Infantry Division named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko, formed in 1943 near Ryazan. Ambassador of the People's Republic of Poland Jan Ptasinski and embassy attaché, Brigade General Vaclav Jagas, visiting a photo exhibition at the school's museum. V. Yagas speaks with memories of the war. Speech by Yan Ptasinsky and First Secretary of the Ryazan Regional Committee of the CPSU N. M. Priezzhev at a meeting of Soviet-Polish friendship. Performance of the participants of the 3rd All-Russian competition of contemporary ballroom dancers, held in Kuibyshev, in the final round of the competition. The jury, spectators are watching the performance of the dancers. The winners of the competition - students of the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute M. Seryapina and I. Lapidus during the presentation of the prize. Children are giving flowers.
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machine tool construction
, economic communications
, the second world war
, school education
, poland
, scenery
, botany
, political connections
, great britain
, music
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