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A solemn meeting dedicated to the awarding of the Kuibyshev region with the Order of Lenin, in the Kuibyshev Sports Palace. Participants of the rally listen to the speech of the first secretary of the Kuibyshev Regional Committee of the CPSU V. P. Orlov and other participants in the rally. LM Skornyakova, a weaver of the Orenburg Silk Mill, participant of the 23rd Congress of the CPSU, LM Skornyakova, at work, while training young women workers, during a conversation in the shop with workers at the plant. View of the building of the Ulyanovsk Agricultural Institute. Institute students at lectures, in the laboratory. Among the students - NI Prokhorov, a third-year student of the agronomic faculty, studying at the institute in the direction of the collective farm "Lighthouse of revolution" of the Ulyanovsk region and receiving a scholarship from the funds of the collective farm. Students of the Kuibyshev Technical School No. 22, which trains personnel for the 4th State Bearing Plant during classes, on an excursion in one of the workshops of the plant. The master of the bearing plant AE Kolotimen, who worked for almost 25 years at the plant and taught the turning craft of 300 students, in the workshop of the plant. Production processes at the Gorky Macaroni Factory, the collective of which has undertaken to provide 7 million rubles in excess of the planned profit by the end of the year. Scoreboard view. View of the building of the Kuibyshev Chocolate Factory. Factory workers in the shop during work. Tasting of sweets in the tasting room. Factory director. The main director of the Orenburg Puppet Theater, Honored Artist of the RSFSR R.B.Rents, conducts a rehearsal with the actors. Children during the theater performance. Irina Bugrimova, People's Artist of the USSR, performing with lions at the Kuibyshev Circus. Spectators watch the performances of N. Bugrimova, clowns, riders.
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