Volga Region Number 48

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View of the polling station during the elections to the people's courts in the city of Ulyanovsk. People's judge candidate A. G. Vavilin talks with the people's assessor. Production processes at the Gorky Television Plant, which manufactures the latest model of the Chaika-7 TV. View of the first product of the plant - a detector receiver - in the museum of the plant. An engineer at the design bureau of the Ryazan Machine-Tool Plant at work. Workers and designers in the test shop of the plant for testing the developed structures. Foreman of the Ulyanovsk plant "Avtozapchast" PA Sokolov in the shop of the plant. Pupils of the 9th grade of the Lunin secondary school of the Penza region in a literature lesson write an essay about their parents. Film about the chairman of the collective farm "Forward to Communism" of the Penza region MK Bobrov - the father of one of the students in the class. MK Bobrov with collective farmers, in the office, on a pig farm. View of the Penza state farm-technical school. Students and teachers during classes. Caring for Arctic foxes at a fur farm near Orenburg.
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machine tool construction
, animal husbandry
, court
, school education
, livestock
, radio industry
, professional education
, automotive industry
, electoral system
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