War of Italy with Turkey Taking Tripoli

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Libya, Tripoli. - Italian ships at sea. Damaged Turkish ship "Derna" and Italian ships at sea. Fort. A group of journalists disembark from the boat. A boat with journalists is approaching the shore. People on the pier, one of them is holding a camera. People disembark from the boat and greet the greeters. General view of the Gamidie fort from above. Italian marines shoot from a hole in the wall, inspecting the fortress gun at the Hamidie fort. An Italian flag flies over the fort, with Italian Marines standing nearby. Italian Marines pass through the fort, one of them, on command, attaches a bayonet to a rifle. Admirals Faravelli and Taon de Revel, accompanied by officers, walk along the shore, followed by a detachment of marines. Admirals Faravelli and Taon de Revel and their entourage enter the building. Local residents stand in front of the palace fence. A crew with the Governor of Tripoli, Admiral Borea Ricci, accompanied by a horse convoy, travels along the line of marines along Tripoli Street. The Arabs are pushing the carriage with the governor from its place, stuck on the road. A horse detachment is moving behind the carriage. The solemn passage of the motorcade with the Governor of Tripoli through the square past the convoy and the audience. Carriages travel along the seashore. Raising the Italian flag in the presence of local residents.
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tripolitan war
, italy
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