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1h - The command post of Marshals G.K. Zhukov and K.K.Rokossovsky in the forest. Meeting at the headquarters of Colonel-General G.K. Batov. Observatory of the commander of the 43rd Army, Lieutenant General Gusev; Colonel-Generals Chuikov and S.I. Rudenko and others (220m). 2h - Attack of Soviet army units from a bridgehead on the outskirts of Warsaw - Prague (neg. 80, 7; lav. 80, 7 m). 3h - Construction of a pile bridge by soldiers of the Polish army and passage of soldiers and equipment across the bridge (neg. 203 m). 4h -Attack of units of the Polish division. T. Kosciuszko (in the field) (neg. 157, 4). 5h - Shooting of Soviet and Polish artillery batteries (neg. 66m). 6h - Pilots of the 1st Polish air regiment "Warsaw" are preparing to carry out a combat mission (neg. 34 m). 7h - Types of destroyed Warsaw. Street fighting. (n. 175, 7 m (1 box) + neg. 255, 8 m (2 box)). 8h - Rewarding of soldiers and officers at the "Kozma Minin" armored train. German transit camp in Pruzhkov (neg. 100; lav. 100 m). 9h - Ferry of Polish and Soviet troops across the river. Vistula (neg. 307 m). 10 hours - 2 Guards Assault Aviation Division of the 16th Air Army. Polish Air Division. Meeting of the command with the command of the armored train "Kozma Minin" (neg. 204 m). 11h - Polish and Soviet troops in Warsaw. Rally at Jerusalem Alley. Groups of German prisoners and others (neg. 239 m). 12h - The Red Banner Dnieper Flotilla on the outskirts of Warsaw. Road works. (194 m. Neg.). 13h - A meeting of workers in the village of Staluva Volya. Help of the Polish population of the Soviet army. Forcing the Vistula by boats (neg. 163 m).
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the second world war
, foreign countries (poland)
, military unions
2359, 1
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R. Carmen, V. Komarov, E. Aron, S. Kiselev, E. Mukhin, I. Poselsky, N. Soloviev, V. Tomberg, L. Mazrukho, A. Ibragimov, Sokolov, Mogilevsky
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