We Are for Peace

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Demonstrations and relay race in honor of the festival in different countries. Preparation of Berlin for the opening of the III World Festival of Youth and Students, the arrival of delegations from different countries to the festival, the opening of the festival at the stadium. V. Ulbricht (among those present - the 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol NA Mikhailov); delegates perform with performances of amateur performances, walk around Berlin, communicate with each other, at exhibitions, at a friendship meeting, at sports competitions, dance and sing. Closing of the festival. Filming of the life and everyday life of the inhabitants of West Berlin. Construction of industrial enterprises and cities in Eastern Europe. Types of the capitals of Eastern European countries. Life and work of people in industry and agriculture in different countries, rallies in support of peace. Various landscapes. Filming of the US aggression in Korea, the maneuvers and review of NATO troops, the consequences of the war in Germany.
I. Pyriev, I. Ivens, A. Frolov, A. Thorndike
Film ID
the second world war
, industry
, germanyeastern
, war in korea
, international organizations
, youth organizations
, eastern europe
, cities
, berlinwestern
, borbazamir
, military units
Number of Parts
V. Pavlov, V. Mikosha, Yu. Monglovsky, I. Panov, G. Monglovskaya, T. Lebeshev, N. Sokolnikov, K. Vrovin, P. Kasatkin, I. Bessarabov, N. Bolshakov, V. Maslennikov, A. Krylov
Other Creators
script I. Pyriev, A. Frolov
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