We Sing to You Russian Chants

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The film tells about the appearance of Byzantine church chants in Russia, about the continuation of traditions in Russian church chants, about the appearance of polyphonic singing, about the development of Russian choral music. 1 part. Winter, church at sunrise. A man walks across a snow-covered field to the church. The sun shines through the church gates. The interiors of the temple, a panorama of the icons on the walls of the temple. Baptism of the baby, the priest dips the baby into the baptismal font. Mom helps the child light a candle. Panorama of the iconostasis, the vaults of the temple. The church choir sings. An old church book is opened, melodies are written on the pages in signs (banners, hooks). Frescoes on the vaults of the temple. Record "Troparion to Christ" in Church Slavonic, Greek. A page from "Stanza to Metropolitan Peter" is a composition of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The crucifixion lies on the composition "Gospel stichera" by Fyodor Krestyanin. The male choir of the publishing department of the Moscow Patriarchate sings znamenny chants in the church (sinhr.). Winter, snow-covered river banks, water flows, a panorama of wooden houses on a slope, a church on a hill (Novgorod region). Panorama through the winter forest. Portrait of Patriarch Nikon. Old books with musical notation (old - znamenny and new - five-line). G. Leningrad, Peter and Paul Fortress at sunset, in the foreground - birds over the Neva. The Bronze Horseman at sunset. The church choir performs polyphonic chants in the temple (sinhr.). Clouds rush over the temple. Part 2. Temple in the rays of the sun in winter. The disk of the sun shines through the branches of the tree. Church at sunrise, birds over the dome (Novgorod region). Piano "ESTONIA" in the rehearsal room. Portrait of the composer Dmitry Bortnyansky. Boys in livery perform church chants to the music of D. Bortnyansky in the temple (sinhr.). Artists of the State Chamber Choir of the USSR Ministry of Culture perform chants to the music of D. Bortnyansky in the rehearsal hall (sinhr.), Conductor V. Polyansky. - faces of the choir members. V. Polyansky is sitting in an empty rehearsal room. Music sheets with works by D. Bortnyansky. Winter forest, panorama of the stone grotto. Snow-covered river banks, in the background - an old estate (Novgorod region). Part 3. Nikolo - Epiphany Cathedral (Leningrad), the patronal icon of P.I. Tchaikovsky on the wall. Title page of PI Tchaikovsky's composition for four-part mixed choir. The choir performs PI Tchaikovsky's composition "We Sing To You" from the "Liturgy of John Chrysostom" in the Cathedral (sinhr.). The interiors of the cathedral. Iconostasis. The vaults of the cathedral. Burning candles near the icons. Autumn, a panorama of birch trees in the forest, a field, in the foreground - yellow leaves on a tree (Novgorod region). Church of the Savior - on - Nereditsa in autumn. The church is on a hill, in the foreground is a tree with yellow leaves. River, fields (filmed from the side of the church), a panorama of the temple. Photo by Sergei Rachmaninoff. The title page of S. Rachmaninov's essay "All-night vigil". The choir performs the Great Glorification from the All-Night Vigil (sinhr.) In the Moscow Patriarchal Epiphany Cathedral. Panorama of the icons on the walls of the cathedral. The interiors of the cathedral. The "Golden Gate" and the altar are opened. The domes of the temple, the entire temple, trees are reflected in the river (Novgorod region). - conductor V. Polyansky. Part 4. Icon of the Virgin in the temple, a panorama of the interior decoration of the temple. Candles near icons. - icons. Church of the Savior - on - Nereditsa in winter. The choir performs polyphonic chants to the music of S. Rachmaninoff in the temple (sinhr.). Night, white walls of the temple, a panorama of the domes (filmed from the top), in the distance - the lights of the city. - the face of the composer Alfred Schnittke. The choir performs the work of A. Schnittke "Penitential Poems" (sinhr.) In the concert hall, conductor V. Polyansky. - the facade of one of the temples (Novgorod region) 5 part. Composer Alfred Schnittke sits in an armchair in his office. Clouds over the temples. Late autumn, clouds over the river. Panorama with dark clouds in the sky on the trees at sunset. Domes of the temples of the monastery at sunset, dark sky (Novgorod region). Frescoes on the walls in the temple. The disk of the sun rises above the temple, the plane is in the sky, in the foreground are the bare branches of trees. The door to the temple opens, a view of the iconostasis. Icon of St. Basil the Great. A man walks across a snow-covered field to a temple at sunrise. The solar disk rises above the temple.
T. Petrenko
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theological literature
, architecture
, christianity
, landscapes
, music
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A. Antonov, Yu. Muravyov
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Scriptwriter A. Kozlovsky
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