Wide Track

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Czechoslovakia. Lake, Tatra mountains, ancient castle on the hill. City of Bratislava. Burial places of Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi occupation. Monument to Soviet soldiers; monuments in the form of an airplane, tanks. East Slovak Steel Works near the town of Kasice. Unloading trains with ore from the Soviet Union at the transshipment base at Chjerna station due to the impossibility of approaching the metallurgical plant due to the difference in the width of the railway track. Excavators load ore into boxcars of a Czechoslovak train. Newsreel. Moscow city. Leonid Brezhnev and President of the Czechoslovak Republic A. Novotny sign in the Kremlin the Agreement on the construction of a broad-gauge railway on the Choi-Kosice section of 90 kilometers (1963). Soviet and Czechoslovak builders are working on the construction of a broad-gauge railway. Construction equipment delivered from the Soviet Union at work. A. Novotny with a group of specialists examines the construction of the road. Meeting of Soviet and Czechoslovak builders on the occasion of the opening of the railway (November 5, 1965). Deputy Minister of Transport Construction of the USSR Podchufarov and Deputy Minister of Transport of Czechoslovakia Dufek tighten the last nut with a wrench.
N. Levitsky
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economic communications
, metallurgy
, building
, landscapes
, higher state bodies
, railway transport
, 2nd world war
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A. Klimov
Other Creators
Sound G. Gudkov
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